Leah Messer’s Ex In Denial of Kid’s Diagnosis

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer's Ex-Husband Won't Accept Daughter Ali's Muscular Dystrophy Diagnosis

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A hard road

Leah Messer and ex husband Corey Simms have had a long, hard road getting to where they are today, and things are still quite bumpy. The parents of four year old twins Aleeah and Aliannah have had a very difficult time in getting a proper diagnosis to the medical problems that have been plaguing Ali since birth. Back in January, Leah and Corey finally found out that Ali suffers from muscular dystrophy. Even worse, the form of Muscular Dystrophy that Aliannah has is rare and incurable. Doctors say that Ali will most likely eventually be confined to a wheelchair full time. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Dad can’t accept it

However, the diagnosis has been incredibly hard to accept for Ali and Aleeah’s dad, Corey Simms. In a recent clip from Teen Mom 2, Leah and Corey sat down with their respective spouses (Jeremy Calvert and Miranda Patterson) to discuss how things were going with the girls. Leah explained that Ali would need to start school early for extra intervention therapies and to help her get a head start.

“My only fear with it is you not being able to accept it,”

Leah tells her ex husband. Corey confessed that anything dealing with Ali’s diagnosis has been hard for him to accept.

“I don’t think I’ll ever accept it, honestly. I don’t think I will,” Simms replies. “Even if it’s the doctor saying it and she’s wheelchair-bound when she’s 14, I still won’t…I don’t want to accept it, and I probably won’t.”

Can you imagine the stress that these two have been through? Leah is only 21 and now has three kids, one of them with a very serious disability. How hard!

Coming together

Things between Leah and Corey have not always been pleasant. The couple divorced just six months after getting married, and learning to co-parent hasn’t always been easy. However, now that the two of them have remarried other people, things are much better. The two young parents have been forced to come together for their daughter and are all committed to doing whatever it takes to make things as easy as possible for Ali to enjoy a normal life. Leah says that all of the hardships they have been through have brought them all closer together and made them all work a little harder to get along.

“Ali’s diagnosis has brought us all extremely close together. We have to stay strong for Ali, and things are going good.”

Leah told In Touch. Our thoughts and prayers are with their whole family.

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