Laila Ali Says She Could Whoop Chris Brown

Laila Ali Says She Could Whoop Chris Brown

Laila Doesn’t Hold Back

You can’t help but love Laila Ali. She’s Muhammad Ali’s daughter. She’s a beautiful woman. She is a super awesome athlete, and a great mom. But, when she says that she could whoop Chris Brown, you have to love her just a teeny bit more! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

E! Fashion Police

Recently, Miss Laila appeared on E! Fashion Police with Joan Rivers (yikes!) and Giuliana Rancic, and she was asked about which man she wouldn’t mind taking on inside the ring:

Joan Rivers: “You’re undefeated as a female boxer. If you could get in the ring with a male, who would it be? Maybe Chris Brown?”

Laila Ali: “Well, I definitely don’t like to see people bully other people. And yes, I would WHOOP Chris Brown!”

Haha! We love this girl!

A Real Role Model

While Mr. Chris Brown might be a questionable role model, the same is not true for Laila Ali. Muhammad Ali’s daughter retired from boxing undefeated when it was time for her to start a family. Now, she’s a mommy, and she is creating a line of hair care and styling tools. She’s an independent woman, she supports her kids, she works hard, she helps out her community and charities that she cares about. She’s been through a divorce, and she came out even stronger. This girl is amazing, and we have no doubt that she could take on Chris Brown or any other man who peeved her!

Chris Remains Quiet

Chris Brown has remained quiet (surprise) on the whole Laila Ali wanting to kick his butt thing. We don’t blame him! If Laila wanted to kick our butt, we would try to stay as far away from the spotlight as we could! Chris, no stranger to trouble, is now under investigation for smoking weed on stage at an overseas concert, seems like he could use a swift kick in the pants to help him get his head on straight. However, some think he might have already had a revelation or change of heart. On his new single, “F–k The Road”, Chris raps:

“I know I make mistakes, I know I f–ked up, but my heart beats for you baby,” Chris sings in the hook. “But if you leave, it’s something I can’t control.” He also mentions in the song “all I ever wanted was your happiness.”

Chris and Rihanna

Is this yet another apology for his infamous assault on Rihanna? We have to think so. Although Rihanna has been vocal about forgiving Chris and moving on, the rest of the world, not so much. Hopefully Chris Brown can keep himself in line so Miss Laila won’t have to give him the smackdown!

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