Track Ovulation: Know More About the BBT Thermometer

Track Ovulation: Know More About the BBT Thermometer

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The basal body temperature method is a fertility awareness-based method. It is tracking the ovulation with the help of this device. The basal body temperature is the temperature when you’re fully at rest. Ovulation may cause a slight increase in basal body temperature. Here’s what you should know about BBT thermometers to help you learn when do you ovulate. Claim Your 20 Free Ovulation Tests – Click Here

What you should be looking for when it comes to BBT are the following. Although not all of these are necessary, these features are definitely helpful.

• Accurate to 1/100th of a degree
• Takes at least one minute to record temperature, beeps when complete
• Recalls the last temperature taken
• Display is not back-lit

BBT thermometer manufactures and sellers boast that they are accurate to 1/100th of a degree. For example, the reading will give you 98.63 F instead of only 98.6 F. A must-have in a BBT thermometer is accuracy to 1/10th of a degree.

How to use a basal body thermometer?

Use an accurate thermometer (basal thermometer available in drugstores/pharmacy) to record your temperature as soon as possible after taking it. A basal body thermometer can be taken orally or vaginally. One must be consistent throughout the cycle.


What’s the difference between the basal body and the regular thermometer?

A BBT thermometer is more sensitive than a regular one. Usually, a thermometer will be accurate to .1 of a degree, but basal ones are accurate up to .01 of a degree. During the monthly period, the basal body temperature will fluctuate; it should fall right before ovulation and then rise suddenly afterward. It is a surprisingly accurate way to track ovulation.

How to chart the BBT results?

Charting the basal body temperature and cervical mucus is a natural, free way to learn the body’s patterns in order to predict ovulation. And that’ll help you know when to have sex if you want to conceive.

With the help of a basal body thermometer, a woman may chart her fertility to tell the changes in her body every day before she even gets out of bed. When a woman is fertile, she will be able to see a spike in her temperature in the chart. This means she’s possibly fertile and going to ovulate soon.

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