Kim Zolciak Pregnant Again after Giving Birth

Kim Zolciak Pregnant with Fifth Child Nine Months after Giving Birth

Baby #5: On The Way!

Just call her Jessica Simpson! Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zoliack is pregnant with her fifth baby, just nine months after giving birth to son Kash! Exciting development as it does take time to be able to get pregnant after birth, so kudos to Kim! Kim, 35, and hubby Kroy Beirmann, have baby Kash, just nine months old, and another son KJ, who is 2. Kim also has two daughters, Ariana and Brielle, from previous relationships. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Baby Bump Spotted

Sources close to Kim say that she didn’t realize she was already showing so much,and that she’s been trying to keep her ever-growing bump under wraps. She wasn’t too good at it though! She was photographed by In Touch Magazine on May 27 while on vacation, and her white bikini didn’t do much to hide her very present bump!

Motherhood Comes Easy

Motherhood is a walk in the park for Kim, who stars in the Bravo spinoff of Real Housewives, “Don’t Be Tardy.” She told Us Weekly that baby Kash is an angel who never cries, and is the perfect baby!

“He sleeps 12 hours and wakes up smiling! Kash is like the sweetest perfect child on the planet.”

So, is there a girl in the future? Sources close to both Kim and Kroy say that they are hoping for a girl this time around.

“Kim loves being pregnant,” an insider tells Us Weekly of the mom-to-be, adding that she’s hoping for a sister for Kash and KJ. “She really wants a little girl. Brielle and Ariana are older now, and Kroy wants a girl of his own.”

Looks like the whole Zoliack/Beirmann crew is pulling for a new little girl this time around! Guess we’ll have to wait and see what they end up with!

She Warned Us!

Kim warned everyone even while she was pregnant with Kash that more babies were likely to be in the future.

“We’re not done,” she teased Us Weekly back in April. “I think we’ll have one more. We’ll see. When people [used to tell me] they had four kids, I’d be like, ‘Four kids! Whoa!’ And now that’s me. Who would’ve thought?”

Best wishes to this big family, which will soon be getting just a little bit bigger! Hoping that the new baby is happy and healthy, and that Kim’s pregnancy goes by quickly and with no complications.

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