Kim Kardashian Wants Whole Hospital Floor for Delivery

Kim Kardashian Wants to Rent Out Hospital Floor for Delivery

Make Way For Kimye

In a move taken straight out of the Beyonce/Baby Blue Ivy playbook, Kim Kardashian is reportedly planning to rent out an entire hospital floor for her delivery. Word is that Kim and Kanye want complete privacy when little baby Kimye comes into the world, and they are willing to pay any price to get it! They are apparently willing to rent out the entire floor of a hospital in Los Angeles, and don’t even want any other new parents walking the same halls as they are! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Quiet And Peaceful Birth

The U.K.’s Daily Star reports that Kim has been reading up on a ton of baby books that have taught her just how important the first few minutes are in a baby’s life. Since learning this, she has decided that she wants complete privacy, quiet, and peace during her child’s first moments in the world.

The Daily Star reports that Kim’s hospital room will be completely soundproofed before delivery, and that Kim wants all outside noise muted, including the sound of traffic. Kim is also asking for dim lights, soft music and ambient noises in the room, including trickling water and wind sounds.

No Prying Eyes

Of course, Kim and Kanye are also worried about privacy. While most of the intimate moments of Kim Kardashian’s life have been captured on video, we don’t know yet if we will get to see her baby’s birth in prime time or not. However, until they are ready for us to see, Kim and Kanye are ready to keep their baby in complete and total privacy and not give any of us a sneak peek! Sounds to us like the little Kimye baby will have a grand entrance into the world, although none of us will be able to see it! We are sure that they will not be able to wait too long until they show us that baby!

Taking It Easy

Kim Kardashian has had her fair share of issues so far in her pregnancy. She has reportedly been incredibly worried about her weight gain, which is rumored to be around sixty pounds so far. She also had a miscarriage scare after she arrived home from Fashion Week, and had to be rushed to the hospital. Her doctors told her to take it easy and perhaps stop trying to go everywhere and do everything. Hopefully she will take heed to their advice and not put her baby in any danger. We can’t wait to see Kim and Kanye’s baby, no matter where it is that they decide to have it!

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