Kim Kardashian Reveals Baby Name Possibility

All We Got Is Rumors!

We’ve all been listening intently to see if there is any news on the Kanye/Kim baby name front, and so far, all we’ve gotten is static! There have been a few rumors floating around, namely that Kanye wanted to name the baby North (whether it was a boy or a girl), so that the baby’s full name would be North West. But, is that name REALLY on Kim and Kanye’s list? Read on to find out more about what the latest news is, straight from Kim herself! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Clearing Up The Rumors

Kim told Jay Leno when she appeared on The Tonight Show, that North really isn’t one of the names they are considering, but she offered up a cute alternative!

“[North] is not on our list, but you know what name I do like – but it probably won’t be on [our list]… I like Easton – Easton West – I think that’s cute.”

Boy or girl?

Jay tried to pry the baby’s gender out of Kim, asking “Easton, now that’s a boy name isn’t it?” But Kim wasn’t giving up the gender news that easily! “You never know. Boys names are good for girls too. I think it’s cute,” she replied. Looks like Kimmy K is keeping that baby’s name and gender under wraps for just a little bit longer! July is still SO far away for us not to know! We need more hints! Come on Kim and Kanye, give us something to work with here!

On The List

Kim did confirm that she and Kanye have a “list” of names that they like, and some of them are “K” names, but not all of them! So, we don’t even know if these two are going to carry on the “K” tradition. Lots of sources are saying that the baby is in fact a girl, and we can almost be certain that Kanye would love to name her after his late mother, Donda.

However, as of right now, neither mommy or daddy to be is letting the cat out of the bag on baby names, at least not yet anyway! We are honestly very surprised that these two have been able to keep the secret this long! But, don’t worry, we will keep our ears open for any more Kimye baby rumors and be sure to pass them along to you if we do get wind of anything!

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