Kim Kardashian Loves Breastfeeding North West

Kim Kardashian Loves Breastfeeding North West

Getting The Hang of It

Even though she has only been a mommy for a couple weeks, friends say that Kim Kardashian is relishing the role of motherhood, and has really taken to breastfeeding her new little bundle of joy. So, for any of you who thought that Kimmie K wasn’t going to be a hands on mom, take that! Sources close to the couple say that Kim and Kanye are both splitting baby duty equally, taking turns taking care of little North West, except of course when it comes to breastfeeding. That’s mommy-only time! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

A Complete Change Of Heart

Some people may think it’s funny that Kim has decided to breastfeed baby North, since she expressed her disgust for a woman that she saw breastfeeding in a restaurant, way back in 2010. Almost exactly three years ago, Kim tweeted:

“EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is breast feeding her baby w no coverup then puts baby on the table and changes her diaper”

Wow, so much can change in three years! However, in Kim’s defense, I would have said ewww too if I saw someone change their baby’s diaper on the table of a restaurant! Now that has got to be the limit.

Kim’s G-Cups..and Other News

Sources close to Kim say that her breasts have swelled to a massive G cup since giving birth to North (Nori for short). Good for Kim for breastfeeding, and setting a great example for new moms everywhere! Plus, sources close to the couple say that Kanye has really taken to being a new dad to, changing diapers, and taking care of baby Nori at all hours of the night. It’s nice to see these two coming into their own, and setting a good parenting example. So far, so good!

Getting Back In Shape

Some critics say that Kim’s ulterior motive for breastfeeding is really to drop the pounds quickly and easily after giving birth, and some say that she is “obsessed” with getting the weight off. I say, who cares why she’s doing it?? She’s doing something great for her baby, and if her body gets an added benefit from that, who really cares? Leave the girl alone, let her try to lose the weight if she wants to. We all know that having a baby can make you feel fat, frumpy, and gross, so it’s no wonder Kimmie K wants to get her hot body back as soon as possible!

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