Kim Kardashian and Her Pregnancy Weight Gain

Kim Kardashian and Her Pregnancy Weight Gain

A little far-fetched

“Kim Kardashian’s 65 Pound Pregnancy Weight Gain,” “Kim Gains 65 Pounds Five Months Into Pregnancy.” That’s what the headlines scream in all of the latest gossip magazines. Yes, Kim is pregnant. Yes, she has gained weight. Yes, her body is changing. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

But, really? 65 pounds? We think that might be a bit of a stretch. Kim has been very vocal about her changing body and all of the insecurities it is causing her during her pregnancy. She has also been photographed almost every single day going to the gym, and we have been told that she is working with a “pregnancy trainer” who helps women to stay healthy during pregnancy.

So, while we don’t really think it is 65 pounds, Kim has gained some weight…but come on, she’s pregnant!

Pregnancy not as easy as it looks

Kim recently spoke out at the premiere of her first movie, “Temptation”, saying that pregnancy isn’t as easy as it looks!

“Being pregnant is not as easy as my sister [Kourtney Kardashian, 33] made it look or as my mom [Kris Jenner, 57] has made it look,” she revealed.“It’s a little painful,” Kim said. “ I’ve gotten sick a couple times. It’s getting a little bit more difficult [to get around].”

Concealing The Weight Gain

Kim wrote on her pregnancy blog last month that at this point, she is just trying to conceal the weight gain, since she has gotten wider, but her belly hasn’t “popped” yet. She says that she is excited to try new maternity and pregnancy styles once she gets further along in her pregnancy. She is excited to dress her “bump” and can’t wait to inspire other pregnant women to style their bumps too!

Taking It Easy

Last month, after returning home from Paris Fashion Week, Kim had to make a trip to the Emergency Room when she suffered a pregnancy scare. Everything turned out fine, but the doctors did tell her to take it easy and tone down her jet-setting lifestyle just a bit. Kim is naturally a busy girl, making trips all over the country, and even the world, but she has been trying to take it easy since her pregnancy scare:

“I love being active. But I’ve been chilling out. I took a week off just to rest and it was amazing.”

We wish Miss Kim the best throughout the rest of her pregnancy, and hope that she continues to feel good, and that she is also able to brush off all of the gossip and rumors about her weight and do what is best for her and her baby!

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