Kilts for Healthy Sperm

Kilts for Healthy Sperm

Kilts For Sperm Health?

Well, it looks like Scottish men have the smarts when it comes to their sperm. A new report in the Scottish Medical Journal says that men who wear kilts have healthier sperm, and higher sperm quality, which equals better fertility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The researcher who wrote the report says that wearing kilts in the traditional manner (without underwear) provides sperm with a “ideal physiological scrotal environment.” By letting the “boys” hang free and be exposed to the extremely cool Scottish air, sperm are able to become more robust and healthy.

Why Is Sperm Quality Declining?

Worldwide research has shown a decline in the quality of men’s semen all over the world throughout the last fifty years. Experts think that one of the biggest reasons for the male fertility decline is a decrease in sperm quality. One of the biggest things that affects sperm quality?

Tight pants and underwear. Wearing tight pants and underwear keeps the testicles close to the body, which stays somewhere around 98.6 degrees. The tighter the pants or underwear, the hotter the atmosphere around the testicles, and the lower the sperm quality. By wearing kilts, the idea is that the “boys” can stay a bit cooler than the rest of the body.

Can Kilts REALLY Help?

While the researcher who wrote the report for the Scottish Medical Journal notes that there haven’t been any studies done on the subject of kilts for fertility, the whole premise makes a lot of sense and kilts, should, in theory, make for healthier sperm.

The researcher is going to be pushing for more studies to be done on the subject so the world can know for sure if kilts can really lead to healthier sperm. Just don’t be surprised if you find out that kilts can improve sperm quality! You heard it here first!

Kilts Making A Comeback

You don’t often hear about kilts outside of Scotland, but if it turns out that they can keep sperm healthy, we might be seeing kilts making a comeback. These days, kilts are only usually worn for special Scottish occasions.

The study says that kilts can offer a psychological boost since it can “get you noticed no matter where you are.” As if these are not enough reasons to switch to kilt wearing, the study goes on to say:

‘Research has shown that wearing a kilt gives a man a strong sense of masculinity and freedom. Many women are attracted to men in kilts. It also gives a man a sensuous awareness of his body’.

So, do kilts really hold the key to male fertility? That remains to be seen. Keep an eye out for new research, we are sure there is more to come!

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