Keyonce Bowles’ Tell All Interview About Sister Beyonce

Keyonce Bowles’ Tell All Interview About Sister Beyonce

Who’s Keyonce?

In another weird and wacky example of how just about anything can go viral these days, a hilarious spoof video created by songwriter Jade Novah is taking over the web. What is the subject of this video? Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Jade is known all over the web for her hilarious Beyonce impersonation videos, where she spoofs the famous singer and makes us all pee our pants with laughter. This time however, her video took a little bit of a different turn. This newest video, titled: “Beyonce Impersonation (The Untold Story Of Keyonce Bowles), is one where Jade plays Beyonce’s “siamese twin sister” who was separated at birth from her famous twin sister.

Big Dreams

In the video, Keyonce is finally ready to step out of her sister’s shadow and start her own career where she will become a famous diva just like Bey. After Bey’s HBO documentary “Life Is But A Dream” had everyone talking, Keyonce took to YouTube and created her own documentary about her own life. This one’s title? “Life Is But A Scream”, of course. That video is absolutely hilarious, and Keyonce really does look and sound just like Bey.

Keyonce is really just like Bey, with both the facial expressions and voice. After Keyonce’s documentary, we are sure that she is going to end up as a huge star, just like her “Siamese twin sister” Beyonce! If you haven’t checked out the video yet, we highly recommend it for a lot of laughs and some good fun!

All In Good Fun

While some people see the Beyonce mockumentary as disrespectful or painting Bey in a negative light, we don’t think so at all. Jade Novah herself says that she is a huge fan of Beyonce and that her videos and impersonations mean no disrespect, and that they are all in good fun.

Jade Novah’s Rising Star

Jade Novah, there is no doubt, is good at what she does. She’s pretty, she’s funny, she really can sing, and she can create these hilarious videos without making us hate her for making fun of a star. Novah knew from a young age that she wanted to be a singer, and she began working with Missy Elliot in 2003.

In 2005, she formed the songwriting group PenUpDolls with two other ladies, and they have written songs for Mya, Christina Milian, and more. Just recently, Jade signed a deal with Rondor/Universal Music Publishing, and now she is gearing up for her solo career to take off. We personally can’t wait to see what this funny girl comes up with next!

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