Kevin Hart’s Girlfriend Eniko

on Mar 17, 2013

by Brittany Null

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Funny man Kevin Hart is happier than ever with new girlfriend Eniko Parrish, and we have to say that these two make an adorable couple.

Kevin and Eniko

Funny man Kevin Hart is happier than ever with new girlfriend Eniko Parrish, and we have to say that these two make an adorable couple. The two have been together for less than a year, and seem to be just head over heels for each other. They are always together, travelling, hanging out, and just seem to be really genuinely happy. When Eniko first appeared on the scene, many thought that she was just a gold digger who was out to take all of Kevin’s money. I don’t think that is the case however, since these two have been pretty serious for awhile now and she seems to be just as crazy about him as he is about her. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Who is she?

One of the reasons that we don’t think Eniko is looking for a meal ticket or a claim to fame by dating Kevin Hart? She is a very private person, and she doesn’t like to put herself in the public eye at all. In fact, quite the opposite. It seems to us that Eniko likes to stay out of the spotlight, and that is usually not how a gold digger acts, right? Eniko is close with Kevin’s kids, spending the majority of her time with them. She is originally from Baltimore and moved to LA to further her acting and modelling career. She is an absolutely gorgeous girl, but she doesn’t seem to be pretentious at all. One thing that really stands out about Eniko is that she tries to make sure she stays private, tries to keep herself out of the limelight. For someone to actively try to be private in Hollywood, they must really be serious!

Time for happiness

It is so nice to see Kevin Hart finally happy. The funny man has had a rough go of it lately, in his divorce from ex wife Torrei. While the divorce itself wasn’t too bitter, the two seem to have just lost touch with each other and grown tired and weary of the relationship. There were strong, hateful words exchanged between the two via their stand up bits, and Kevin has said that they are still trying to remain friends. Last year, Kevin’s ex Torrei actually tried to assault Kevin’s attorney in divorce court when she found out she was expected to pay part of Kevin’s legal fees. Torrei was not arrested during the incident. Hopefully the two are starting to come to peace with their divorce and will continue to co parent together peacefully.

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Kevin Hart’s Girlfriend Eniko, 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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    They have been together for like 4 years … I guess the author thinks its been less than a year because they are just not really publicizing it

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