Kerry Washington’s Oscar Pregnancy Craving

Kerry Washington’s Oscar Pregnancy Craving — Gluten-Free Pizza?

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Don’t skip the pregnant girl

In one of the funniest and most endearing Oscars skits we have seen in a long time, this year’s Oscar host Ellen Degeneres ordered pizza for some celebs at this year’s show, complete with on stage pizza delivery guy passing pizza out to the rich and famous! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Ellen walked through the crowd, asking some of Hollywood’s finest if they were in the mood for pizza, and pregnant glam girl Kerry Washington was one of the first to raise her hand! How cute was she? We all know that pregnant gals love pizza, so it was no surprise that Kerry was in the mood for a snack!

So, you can see why the interwebs were in an uproar later on, when it turned out that the pizza ran out before Kerry got her hands on any! How dare you deprive a pregnant girl of her pizza, and on Oscar night no less?!?!?

She got some! (pizza, that is)

Turns out, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for Kerry’s lack of pizza at the Oscars! She happened to be the one who turned it down! The reason- remarkably simple. She’s gluten free- the pizza was not. It seemed like the world was turned on it’s end when Kerry didn’t get her pizza, so she had to take to Twitter to explain the situation!

“No worries on the pizza peeps! I’m gluten-free! LOL #SnacksInMyPurse #Oscars”

the Scandal star tweeted. See guys? Nobody snubbed the pregnant gal! Just so everyone knows and feels better, Kerry did actually get some grub after the show!

“Yes! @TheEllenShow =D There IS gluten-free pizza!!!! #OSCARS #greenroom,”

Washington wrote, sharing a photo of herself chowing down on Instagram! So glad that Kerry got her pizza fix!

Pregnancy winding down

The gorgeous star is getting pretty far along in her pregnancy, and viewers who are tuning into the most recent season of Scandal are laughing as Kerry’s character, Olivia Pope, tries to “cover up” Kerry’s pregnancy. You see, Kerry is pregnant, very pregnant.

Olivia Pope is not. So, the Scandal crew is coming up with all sorts of ways to cover up Kerry’s baby bump while filming- it’s pretty funny to watch! The adorable star just recently celebrated her baby shower with 40 of her closest pals, including Jane Fonda. Kerry looked absolutely radiant in a casual blue dress and minimal makeup. She is SO glowing during this pregnancy!

Guests got to drink champagne and pink lemonade, and brought Kerry a wide variety of baby goodies in pink, blue, green and yellow, indicating that she might not know what the sex of her baby is, or she hasn’t told anyone yet! Super excited for Kerry to welcome her baby next month and we know it is going to be one adorable little one!

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