What Should I Do to Keep Busy in Early Labor?

What Should I Do to Keep Busy in Early Labor?

Staying busy in early labor is important. You might not think so, if you haven’t been through labor before. I mean, TV shows show women in early labor screaming and writhing in pain, right? That’s not always the case. Early labor can last for quite awhile, with inconsistent contractions and more of an uncomfortable feeling rather than pain.

It is mostly a head game, staying busy and keeping distracted, until it’s time to go to the hospital and do the “important parts.” Read on for some tips to keep you distracted and busy during the early portions of labor. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Get Outside

If you are still feeling up to it, early labor is a great time to go for a walk. Just being outside will make you feel better, and anything you can do to stay active and keep moving will make your labor shorter and less painful. Another great idea? Go for a swim if you have access to a pool! Yes, seriously. I went swimming during my early labor and it was refreshing, relaxing, and took my mind off of things for a bit. So, give it a try!

Clean Clean Clean

You probably aren’t really in the mood to do this, but imagine how nice that it will be to come home from the hospital to a nice clean house. Organize and rearrange things to your heart’s content. If you have baby stuff to get done at the very last minute, now’s your time. Get all your ducks in a row and your house nice and shiny clean before it’s time to head out.

Bake or Cook

Early labor is a great time to make some yummy goodies. You can make some delicious treats to take to the hospital with you (for after labor, of course). Another great idea? Make some freezer meals that you can use after you get home from the hospital. Something to keep you busy during early labor, and keep you from cooking when you get back home? Sounds like a win/win to me!


Can you think of anything you need? Any last minute baby supplies you should pick up? Little goodies for your hospital bag? Shopping can be a great distraction during early labor. Plus, it gets you out of the house and walking around, which is definitely a plus!

Write Something

Early labor is a great time to begin writing in your baby’s baby book, while all of your thoughts and feelings are really fresh. I also think early labor is a great time to write a letter to your baby to be. How cool would it be to think that you wrote a letter to your baby WHILE in labor!

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