Kate Middleton’s Uncle Explain Gift for Royal Baby

Kate Middleton's Uncle Explains His "Hilarious" Gift for the Royal Baby

A Unique Gift

So, what do you get the baby who has everything, literally? I mean really, if you are picking out a gift for a baby that is LITERALLY a prince or a princess, how do you go about that? Sounds hard, huh? Well, if you are Kate Middleton’s uncle, you just buy them something YOU love!  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

That’s right! In a new interview with UK’s The Sun Newspaper, Gary Goldsmith tells how he decided that Will and Kate’s baby needed a gift that documented their uncle’s love of soccer, especially his favorite team, the Chelsea Football Club.

Uncle G Says

In the interview, Gary Goldsmith, or “Uncle G” as he is affectionately known to Pippa and Kate, says that he couldn’t get away with giving this royal baby just any old gift! After he heard their pregnancy announcement, he already knew what gift he would bestow.

“I’m going to get exactly what I get for all my mates’ babies,” he told the paper. “As a die-hard Chelsea fan, I always get the baby Chelsea shares. Then, when it’s a bit older, I get it a full tiny Chelsea strip.”

“It’s brilliant, it drives the parents mad,” Goldsmith, 48, continued. “I love turning their kid into a true blue Chelsea fan. And Prince William is an Aston Villa fan. I thought it could be hilarious.”

“I mean, what on Earth can you get for a baby like theirs?” he said. “That baby is going to have everything it could ever want. So Chelsea shares are perfect. I think William will find it funny.”

King Of Fun Gets Sweet

Uncle G, also known as “The King of Fun,” says that even though his niece Kate is all grown up and married to a prince, he still thinks of her as a little baby, and remembers fondly all the time he spent with her when she was younger.

“We have always been a very close family,” he told the paper. “I am so looking forward to the arrival of Kate’s first baby. We all are. I would hope to be at the christening, but I’m sure I won’t be a godfather!”

“I was so proud at the wedding. I watched Kate walk up the aisle and I was remembering her as that tiny baby in my arms,” he said. “There was ‘little Kate’ on her way to wed Prince William. It was quite surreal.”

He continued, “To [my] mum, Kate’s relationship with William was like all her Christmases had come at once. We are from such humble stock and then here is her granddaughter dating Prince William. When I was stood in the Abbey I was thinking, ‘Oh God, Mum would have loved this.’ Both my parents would have.”

Looking Ahead

We are sure that Will and Kate’s little prince or princess will have a great time playing with “Uncle G” as he or she grows up, just like the Duchess of Cambridge and her brother and sister did when they were younger. And, no matter what silly, funny or wacky gift the baby gets, we know that the real gift will be the gift of family time spent together!

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