Kate Gosselin’s Twin Girls Talk on The View

Kate Gosselin's Twin Girls Talk on The View

Redeeming themselves

After the awkwardness that was the Today show interview with Savannah Guthrie, Kate, Cara and Mady Gosselin tried their best to redeem themselves with an appearance on The View last week. The interview on The Today Show was brutal to watch, with Mady and Cara clamming up and constantly looking to Kate for approval, so how did the second time around go? Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

They actually talked!

The trio appeared on The View on Monday, January 20, curiously all wearing the same outfits that they wore for their Today Show interview. So, was the interview with The View prerecorded, or did Kate just decide for them to all wear the same outfits again? No one really knows. However, the twins did (sort of) redeem themselves for their other strange interview appearance- they actually talked!

Musical preferences

Whoopi Goldberg urged the twins to “pretend she’s not here,” talking about mom Kate, to help them open up a bit more than they did last time. She also asked the girls what kind of music they liked. “If I’m going to be 100 percent honest, I don’t like Justin Bieber,” said Mady. “But I… [like] One Direction” she said, adding that she’s a fan of Niall Horan. Cara says that she prefers Demi Lovato to anyone else.

Chores, chores, chores

When co-host Sherri Sheperd asked the girls what kinds of things they do around the house to help their mom, Mady deadpanned: “I don’t really do chores… so Cara?” joked Mady as she turned to her sister. Cara was more willing to answer the question: “Okay, well, I unload the dishes,” explained Cara, who was dressed in a pink sweater, black tights and brown boots for her appearance. “Mady loads the dishwasher, she does do some work.” After all, having twins gives you twice the kids for chores – and with the sextuplets, that’s a six-pack of helpers!

Divorce feelings

The co-hosts then turned the interview in a more serious direction,which caused the girls to clam up a bit. Jenny McCarthy asked the girls about their parents divorce, saying : “When I was in my twenties, my parents went through a divorce,” confessed Jenny McCarthy. “It was really hard at age 20, how did you guys handle watching your parents go through a divorce but also watching it happen in front of everyone?”

Moving on

The girls weren’t too keen on answering this one, as they exchanged glances with each other and started giggling. Kara wasn’t answering, but finally after a few minutes of silence, Mady spoke up. “Honestly, it wasn’t hard for us,” responded Mady. “I think it was harder for you, definitely” she said as she turned to her mom. “It didn’t really affect me and we still saw both parents… we were little, we were like 8 or 9.” Mady continued, “We knew what was going on, but we didn’t see the stuff…” Kate spoke up and explained how she had sheltered the girls in the past, and how she continues to. However, when the girls were asked how often they see their dad now, there was nothing but dead silence. Guess that sometimes silence does speak louder than words.

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