Kate Gosselin & Kendra Wilkinson on Celebrity Wife Swap

Kate Gosselin & Kendra Wilkinson on Celebrity Wife Swap

On the season premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap, we watched former Playboy Playmate Kendra Wilkinson switch lives with single mom of eight Kate Gosselin. We know that these shows usually try to choose moms with completely different lives, but wow, they sure outdid themselves this time! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Kate’s Easy BreezyWeek

When Kate arrived at Kendra’s house, she couldn’t believe that she would be spending her week with just one kid, little Hank, and Kendra’s husband, Hank Baskett. For Kate, the week seemed like a vacation, as she filled Kendra’s shoes, and got to spend some much needed time alone, and out with girlfriends.

Hank is a wonderful husband, and sort of waits on Kendra hand and foot, so Kate was very surprised with not having to do much of anything for herself. Kate didn’t seem to like it that little Hank went to preschool, and had a full time nanny, when Kendra was home all day.

Kate Doesn’t Hold Back

Kate, never one to hold back, told Kendra at the “round table meeting” that she kind of felt like she did nothing all the time. “Imagine my surprise, then, when I arrived at your house and discovered you have one child.

It was a very unique experience to sort of do nothing,” Kate said. “Reading your manual made me believe that you just let everybody else do everything because you don’t care.” Kendra was in tears at the end of the show, and obviously very upset about what Kate had to say about her.

Kendra’s Overwhelming Week

For Kendra, it was shocking and overwhelming to go from being a mom to one little guy, to a mom to an entire houseful of older kids! Kendra was obviously shocked to realize that she was in Kate Gosselin’s house and was now the mom to eight kids!

While the whole “domestic” aspect of taking care of eight kids, she was shocked to see just how strict the kid’s schedules and chores were. She didn’t feel like the kids had enough time to just play and be kids, and she wanted to relax things in their lives a bit. She tried her best to loosen the kids up a bit, but they really didn’t seem to want to bend from their usually very strict and inflexible schedules.

End Result

Kendra and Kate say that they have remained close since the swap, and Kendra, Hank and little Hank have visited the Gosselin house to hang out since. Kate says that she has learned that it is okay to unwind and take time for herself every now and then, and Kendra says she has learned the biggest lesson of all.

Kendra says that Kate taught her to cherish every moment with your children and not to waste your time. Kendra says however, she will always have a social life and make time for herself. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

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