Kate Gosselin Accused of Appalling Abuse of Family

Kate Gosselin Accused of Appalling Abuse of Family

No Stranger To Controversy

Kate Gosselin is no stranger to controversy. She’s been in hot water before for her attitudes and actions. Kate has been accused in the past of being rude and hateful to her fans, the media, her neighbors, even her friends. Back when she was still married to now-ex-husband Jon Gosselin, she was constantly criticized for the way she treated her husband.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Many people called her a bitch, a control freak, and highly manipulative. She has even been criticized in the past for the way she treats her children. Some called the reality show she starred in with her eight kids child labor, and some inside sources claim that she was borderline abusive, and even spanked her kids with wooden spoons or other household objects! Now, people are claiming that she was even abusive to the family’s dogs!

Robert Hoffman spills the beans

Robert Hoffman is a journalist who worked closely with the Gosselins for years, and eventually he became close friends with Jon Gosselin. He apparently heard firsthand and also allegedly found a “computer hard drive in the trash” that had some personal diary entries that Kate had written.

He wrote a book about what he found, and later sold his story to the gossip magazines (when his book didn’t do very well). The accusations that Robert Hoffman revealed to STAR Magazine were alarming, and had to do with the family’s two German Shepherds.

The new controversy

Back when Jon and Kate first got divorced, they were splitting their time with the kids. The kids would stay in the house full time, but Jon and Kate would switch off back and forth between the time in the house. Allegedly, when Jon would return to the house for his time with the kids, the dogs would be locked in their cages, filthy, and without food and water.

Kate allegedly didn’t feed them, give them water, take them out to use the bathroom, or anything else. She made them sleep in their cages in their own filth. Apparently, after one of the dogs became aggressive after being abused by Kate, they were sent back to the breeder.

True or not?

No one really knows if these allegations are true. Most of this story came straight from Jon himself, and we know that he has a tendency to bad mouth the mother of his eight kids. And, according to our research, it was Jon who took the dogs back to the breeder, not Kate. So, is this story true? We know that Kate can be a little bit bitchy, high strung, and “out there,” but did she really abuse the family dogs? What do you think?

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