Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Having a Girl

Big news!

Well, boys and girls, it is time for our latest installment of the drama that is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s pregnancy! Keep reading, because this time, the news is big! If you are planning on picking up a baby gift for the K and K baby, you better start buying… PINK!  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

That’s right; Kim and Kanye are expecting a baby GIRL in July! Us Weekly reported the news first, with a close source telling them that “They’re over the moon! Kanye always wanted a girl!” Can you imagine how fashionable this little girl will be?

Excited parents-to-be

Kim and Kanye started dating in April 2012, and just announced their pregnancy on Dec 20, so we have been following this developing (ha!) story every step of the way. Kim, who has previously struggled with fertility issues like her sister Khloe, describes her pregnancy as “a super happy surprise”, and Kanye has been ecstatic about becoming a daddy.

While Kim is still in the trenches of her divorce proceedings from Kris Humphries, hopefully that will be over soon and she can concentrate solely on her pregnancy. The divorce has been a thorn in her side for awhile now, and it seems to just continue to drag on with no end in sight.

Fashion: it’s in the family

It’s no secret that Kim and crew are known to be fashionistas, but rumor has it daddy to be Kanye is really going to be the one going crazy over their new baby girl’s style! Kim told Jimmy Kimmel Live last month, “If anyone knows Kanye, they know how into style he is, and I think he is going to have things specially made.”

Needless to say, we think the Kanye and Kim baby girl might just turn out to be the best dressed baby in Hollywood. Move over, Suri! Speaking of fashion and style, mama to be Kim just did her first pregnant photo shoot for DuJour magazine, showing off those famous curves and her now famous baby bump!

She also talks about how Kanye has helped her learn the meaning of privacy, and how she is going to become a more private person as far as some things in her life are concerned. (We know, we know, says the pregnant lady in the bikini photo shoot!)

Finally happy

Love them or hate them, it’s obvious that Kim and Kanye are happier than ever, and that their pregnancy has brought them closer together! We also have no doubt that the Kimye baby girl will be extremely loved and spoiled, and we can already imagine how adorable she is going to be! We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what baby girl will be wearing home from the hospital! And, if we know Kim, we’ll be seeing that baby ASAP!

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