Kangaroo Care: Holding Your Baby Close

Let’s talk about something very important for the first 3 months of your baby’s life. It’s something called kangaroo care. And it was originally designed for pre-term babies and is still showing to be extremely effective in promoting the growth and development of pre-term babies, but it’s also been showing to quite good for full term babies as well. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What is kangaroo care?

So let me tell you what kangaroo care is. It’s basically extended periods of skin to skin contact between new born baby and Mommy or Daddy. It’s a great way for dads to bond, by the way. But when it comes to bonding with Mommy, one thing that’s important to know is if you put your baby skin to skin, baby’s just wearing a diaper and a hat because you remember newborns can’t really regulate their temperature on their own. So it’s important for them to wear little hats. Put them skin to skin on your chest, so baby’s not wearing clothes, you’re not wearing clothes. Skin to skin, not clothes to clothes.

How does kangaroo care help baby?

Put them on your chest. What this does is it provides them ready access to food if they’re doing kangaroo care with Mommy. And it also provides touch which is a way that baby gets stimulated. Mommy’s actually going to get a hold onto baby like this when the baby is being held. It regulates their temperature better than an incubator does. And it also provides stimulation in the form of baby being able to hear Mommy or Daddy very well and also hearing the heartbeat.

Practice kangaroo care every day

So it’s just an all around really good thing and it’s a very easy thing to do and studies have been shown that it is helpful to baby’s growth and development for the first 3 months of life. So that’s something that Layah and I take a little bit of time everyday to do.

We did it more when she was a newborn. And we do it for less time now, but we still do it everyday. I can tell you even from her very first day, that was something that really calmed her down a lot and it still does. So I highly recommend it but don’t just take my word for it. As I’ve said, studies have shown it’s a great thing for your baby.

Kangaroo care!

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Tiffany Merritt
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