Josie Says Floyd Mayweather Takes Care of 50 Cent’s Kids

Josie Says Floyd Mayweather Takes Care of 50 Cent's Kids

The drama between Floyd Mayweather, Fifty Cent and both of their ex’s just won’t end! Fifty Cent and Floyd used to be best friends, but their relationship has continued to deteriorate after Floyd was released from prison following his 90 day stint for domestic violence. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

He was sentenced to the three months in jail after assaulting his ex wife Josie Harris. Josie Harris and the mother of Fifty Cent’s son, Shaniqua Tompkins are also very close, and the two ladies have been very open in the past, slamming their ex’s for all of their bad behavior.

Floyd Mayweather on Fifty’s son

For example, Josie Harris recently took to Twitter saying that Floyd Mayweather cares so much about Fifty Cent’s son’s well being that he was going to be sponsoring his basketball tuition so that he can play ball.

This is all due to the fact that Josie and Shaniqua were set to star in the new TLC reality show “Starter Wives Confidential”, however, Fifty Cent sent a cease and desist order to the show, keeping Shaniqua from starring in the show and making any money. Josie is out to prove that that was a stupid move for Fifty Cent, since apparently now Floyd has to pay for Fifty’s kid.

Shaniqua and Fifty

Things have never been peachy between Shaniqua and Fifty. Before he put a stop to her reality show appearance (apparently afraid that she would let secrets fly that he didn’t want out), there has been a history of drama with these two.

Shaniqua has said that the breaking point in the relationship was when Fifty was physically abusive to her in the presence of the kids. Back in 2008, Fifty and his baby mama got into a verbal altercation in a parking lot following a meeting with a lawyer over a house that was supposedly promised to Shaniqua.

Fifty was trying to make sure that Shaniqua paid $4500 per month in rent on the house, or he was going to evict her. Shaniqua claimed that Fifty had promised the house to her. Less than a month later, the house burned down in a fire that authorities called “suspicious”. Shaniqua has said publicly that she thinks Fifty Cent was to blame.

The TLC’s Starter Wives Confidential show

This foursome of Fifty Cent, Floyd Mayweather, Josie Harris and Shaniqua Tompkins sure do know how to keep the drama flowing. Although Shaniqua was not able to appear in TLC’s Starter Wives Confidential show, Josie Harris went forward with the show, so there are sure to be some secrets released there both about Floyd and Fifty as well. TLC says that the remainder of the season of the show will be available online.

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