JLove & Brian Hallisay Expecting a Baby

Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant, Expecting a Baby with Brian Hallisay

We Knew It!

We knew it was coming, and we were right! Jennifer Love Hewitt has been talking babies and the future in all of her interviews as of late, and that could only mean one thing! She’s pregnant! Jennifer announced that she is expecting a baby with Brian Hallisay just last week, and that’s not all!  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

While the couple were vacationing in Italy, a giant diamond was spotted on Jennifer’s finger! So, looks like not only is she going to be a mommy, she’s also going to be a wife! Congrats and congrats again to this happy couple!

Dropping Hints

Jennifer has been dropping hints for quite some time about her desire to have a baby.

“I would love to have babies. I’m obsessed with babies,” she told Us Weekly way back in 2010. “I would love to have them one day.”

Egg Freezing?

Sources say that Jen wasn’t totally sure that her Mr. Right would come along in time for her to have babies. She reportedly asked several different experts about freezing her eggs, while she was dating Hallisay, just in case they weren’t ready to become parents right away.

“She has been asking a few women she knows about freezing her eggs,” a source told Us Weekly in March. “[Jennifer] feels worried that she will end up single, since none of her relationships have been successful.”

Looks like she didn’t need to worry after all! While Jennifer and Brian have only been together for around fifteen months, but Radar Online reported last month that they were secretly planning to get pregnant!


Jennifer and Brian are doing things a little bit backwards this time around, but it works for them and they are happy, and that is what matters!

“Jennifer’s going to take an unusual route this time around,” a source told Radar Online. “She loves Brian to death and thinks he’s Mr. Right, but she’s being very cautious about what she says publicly.”

“She and Brian currently live in her condo together, but they’re seriously looking to buy a house within the next few months and they’ve decided to start a family after that. Jennifer and Brian are on the same page -– baby first then a big wedding.”

Who cares if these two are doing things a little differently!? As long as they are happy together, and taking care of themselves and that baby to be, who are we to judge? We say, more power to ya, Jen!

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