Jessica Simpson’s Star-Studded Baby Shower!

Jessica Simpson's Star-Studded Baby Shower!

Country Celebration

Jessica Simpson is pregnant with her second child, and this time it’s a boy! Wonder what baby boy name they will choose? You know what that means!? Time to celebrate! On April 14, Jess and friends gathered at the Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles for an adorable “Tom Sawyer” themed baby shower! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The baby bash was a huge hit, and tons of big names were on hand to celebrate Jess’s new bundle of joy! Among the guests at Jessica’s shower? Her sister Ashlee Simpson, friend and actress Jessica Alba, hairstylist Ken Paves, friend CaCee Cobb (also pregnant with bf Donald Faison’s baby!), and of course, one very important guest, Jessica’s eleven month old daughter Maxwell! Oh yeah, Jessica’s fiance Eric Johnson was on hand as well as Jessica Alba’s hubby Cash Warren!

Lots of Thousand Island

Rumor has it that the baby shower was a blast! There were a variety of comfort foods on hand, including Jessica’s most requested item: Thousand Island Dressing!? Other eats for guests? Sliders, pigs in a blanket, and yummy custom grilled cheese!

Jessica is said to have looked fabulously radiant and extremely happy during the whole event, hanging out and chatting with guests. Everyone says that the party was a ton of fun, kitschy, exciting, and just a good time for all involved!

Jessica and friends had a great time hanging out, eating, chatting, opening gifts and just celebrating this new little bundle who is on his way! The shower was held outside at the hotel, and was a country, kitschy, fun affair! We wish we could have been there, it looks like so much fun!

And condoms!

Of course, Jessica Simpson is known for being super funny, genuine, casual and fun! And, at her baby shower, she definitely let that side of herself shine through. She gave out some hilarious and “different” party favors. Guests had to use a fishing rod to “reel in” their prizes, and they included things like lip gloss, nail polish, and condoms! Yes, condoms!

Rumor has it that Jess included the condoms as a tongue in cheek dig at herself. If you remember correctly, Jess got pregnant with baby number two only six months after giving birth to Maxwell!

She just wanted to give everyone a good laugh and remind them to practice safe sex, or you’ll end up with two babies in two years, just like Jess! It’s good to know that even though Jess’s second pregnancy was a big surprise for her and her fiance, Eric Johnson, she still has her sense of humor!

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