Jennifer Garner says Ben Affleck is “Spermy”

Jennifer Garner says Ben Affleck is "Spermy"

Super Sperm

They’re one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, and for most of us, they are sort of like the couple next door. We’re talking about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner and their three adorable kids. They are super famous, and super rich, but they’re also down to earth, and a really normal family! Now, Jennifer is revealing to Ellen that her hubby is “super spermy”, and that it takes “57 kinds” of contraception to keep her from being pregnant all the time. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Held at bay

Last year, Jennifer appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show and told Ellen that Ben is “a wonder sperm kind of guy”. This year, Ellen was very interested in what was going on with Ben’s super sperm, and asked Jen about it. Jen responded very honestly, saying: “Spermy has been, so far, held at bay.” It’s a pretty good thing too, since baby Samuel is only 20 months old, and Ben and Jen are super busy with their filming schedules. Big sisters Seraphina and Violet round out the crew, and Jen says that for now at least, three kids is enough! Of course, her spermy husband might change those plans!

57 Kinds

So, how do Ben and Jen make sure that there aren’t any more babies anytime soon? “There are 57 kinds of contraceptives used pretty much,” Jen jokingly revealed. “Everyday?” asked Ellen. “Yep, and three of them are under the age of eight,” Garner responded, referring to the kids. “I think we have provided the world with enough.” With those three adorable kids that they have already, and Ben’s super sperm, we have to wonder if there really might be more kiddos in the future for this couple!

It is work

Ben and Jennifer will be the first ones to admit to you that having a happy family and a happy marriage is definitely work. It’s not something that you can just leave alone and expect things to be perfect. Ben raised a few eyebrows at the 2013 Academy Awards when he made a speech that made some people think that their marriage was in trouble. “I want to thank you for working on our marriage for 10 Christmases,” the actor said to his beaming wife. “It is work but the best kind of work and there’s no one I’d rather work with,” Affleck said of marriage. Many people thought that this might be a sign that their marriage was in trouble, but Jen says that she knew that Ben meant it as a compliment. We love this couple, we think that they are so “real” and relatable, even if they are rich and famous! We will be keeping an eye out for more little Garner-Affleck babies in the future.

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