Jennifer Aniston Postpones Wedding for Treatments

Jennifer Aniston Postpones Wedding to Undergo Fertility Treatments

The Newest Wacky Jen Rumor

Another day, another wacky Jennifer Aniston pregnancy/fertility rumor. Another day, another Jennifer Aniston/Justin Theroux wedding rumor. Shew, these things have gotten out of control lately! The newest crazy talk?  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Oh, not much… only that Jennifer and Justin have decided to postpone their wedding so that Jen can undergo fertility treatments. Word on the street is that Jennifer, 44, and Justin, 41, were actually advised by doctors to postpone their wedding during the time in which she was undergoing the fertility treatments, since the stress could cause problems with conception.

“Sources” Say

There are rumored to have been “sources” close to the couple that say that Jen recently began ancient Chinese fertility treatments, and the doctors that are directing her care advised her to postpone her wedding, since it is advisable that women undergoing the treatments avoid stress if at all possible.

And, as we all know, planning a wedding can be very stressful! But, does this rumor make sense at all? Well, Jen DID show up to the premiere of her latest film project, “Call Me Crazy,” with cupping marks all over her back.

Cupping is a form of alternative medicine, similar to acupuncture that is often used to boost fertility. The same “sources” are saying that Jen is also going through acupuncture treatments and participating in daily yoga classes to get her body in tip top shape for baby making.

Too Much Stress

Just a few weeks ago, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston announced that they are going to be postponing their wedding, and many people think that it is due to the stress of wedding planning. Jen told E! News in a previous interview, when asked if she had a wedding gown picked out yet:

“No, I don’t! This (wedding planning) might make me crazy!”

We Wish Them Well

Whatever the reason for Jennifer and Justin postponing the wedding, we hope that everything is okay between the two, and we hope that things get back on track for the couple soon. If they really are trying to have a baby right now, we hope that it goes well for them.

We have also heard from various “sources” that the couple is considering adoption now as well, thanks to recent conversations with Charlize Theron, who reportedly told Jen that adopting was “the most rewarding thing” she has ever done in her life. Best of luck to Jen and Justin, and we know that everything will turn out just fine for the couple!

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