Jamie Foxx and Kelly Rowland Dating?

Jamie Foxx and Kelly Rowland Dating?

Flirty Flirty

All eyes have been on Jamie Foxx and Kelly Rowland these past few months! Rumor has it that the two may be Hollywood’s newest “it” couple, after reportedly swapping numbers on the Oscar red carpet! Jamie and his 19 year old daughter attended the Oscars together, and Kelly interviewed them on the red carpet. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

It was during that interview that Jamie revealed his secret crush on Kelly, right there in front of the world! (Jamie’s daughter Corrine, in true teenage fashion, looked mortified with her dad hitting on Kelly in such a public fashion!)

Number Exchange

The former Destiny’s Child diva couldn’t help but look embarrassed, but later on, Jamie reportedly told her that he was serious about taking her on a date. He also asked if they could swap phone numbers. Kelly agreed to pass on her number so the two could “talk”, and that was that! No word yet on if the two have had their first date yet, or even if they have been chatting on the phone.

We do think that the Oscar award winning actor and the songstress would make an adorable couple if they do decide to get together. Kelly has been romantically linked to her manager in the past, but no word on if the two are still an item. Jamie, on the other hand, has hardly ever been in a public relationship.

No Drama

Jamie has two kids by two different women, but there is no baby mama drama to speak of with this guy. In fact, he’s never even made it public who his kid’s mothers ARE! Talk about keeping things out of the public eye! He has always wanted to keep his personal life private, for both his sake and for the sake of his kids. He had this to say about keeping personal things private:

“(My relationship with my children’s mums is) just so cool and calm and that’s all you need. Somebody who is not thirsty for what I do. In order to make it in this business it has to be someone who is willing to sacrifice more than what they would in a normal relationship.”

Marriage In The Cards?

Will the actor ever be ready to marry? He doesn’t think so! In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, he said this about marriage:

“I don’t think anything’s ruled out,” he said, “It’s tough. I feel like I’ve been put on this earth for a certain thing and maybe marriage didn’t come with that.

Well, whatever these two decide to do, hook up or not, we wish them both the best, and many years of happiness in whatever paths they decide to take. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do think that these two would make a cute couple, if that is the course they decide to take!

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