Jamie Foxx and His Daughters

Jamie Foxx and His Daughters

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Jamie Foxx might have many irons in the fire right now, but his number one role will always be: Daddy. Jamie was recently spotted out and about in LA with his gorgeous four year old daughter Annalise and a mystery woman. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Rumor has it that because of the annoyed face Jamie Foxx was sporting during the encounter, the mystery woman must have been little Annalise’s mommy. While a celeb dad out and about in Cali with their daughter would barely make news for any other celeb, it’s different for Mr. Jamie Foxx.

Private Life

Jamie has always kept his daughters’ (Annalise, age 4, and Corrinne, age 19) lives very private and worked hard to keep them out of the spotlight. So, when you see him out and about with his girls, it is a big deal, and it makes headlines.

In fact, Annalise wasn’t even known about until 2009, when a former co-star of Jamie’s let the secret slip during an interview. The little girl wasn’t even seen in public until 2010! But, there is no denying either of his daughters! Besides being absolutely beautiful, they both look exactly like their daddy!

Secret Mamas

Jamie is so serious about keeping his girl’s lives private, he has never even revealed who either one of their mothers is. Not even Corrinne, who is almost twenty! Jamie says that by not putting his baby’s mamas names out there, he is able to keep them, his girls, and himself out of the blinding spotlight, and the media pretty much leaves him alone.

He tells Oprah Winfrey, “It’s just so cool and calm and that’s all you need. … (I) need somebody … who’s not thirsty for what I do.” He has been rumored to have once dumped a girlfriend when she showed up dressed and ready to go to an awards show, that he didn’t invite her to. He doesn’t want a gold digger, that is for sure!

Don’t Let Anybody Know

Jamie has often said that he lives by the motto: “Whoever you date, don’t let anybody know.” He is the kind of guy that isn’t looking for a girl who wants to go out, get chased by the paparazzi, attend awards shows, etc. He wants to keep his private life, well, private, and that is a big thing in Hollywood. It is very rare to see a celeb like that, especially one as high profile as Jamie. Kudos to Mr. Foxx for keeping those girls out of the spotlight! What a good daddy!

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