Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Opinion on Magazine Covers

Jada Pinkett-Smith: Is it OK to Put White Women on the Covers of Black Magazines?

Jada Pinkett-Smith is one to usually keep quiet. She stays out of the spotlight, and isn’t one to put herself “out there” and put her voices and opinions on the line. But, this time she has opened up and let her opinions be known, and they are pretty controversial! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The controversy

It has long been lamented that there is an obvious lack of diversity when it comes to models on the covers of (and inside) the big name magazines like Cosmo, Vogue, Harper’s Baazar, and Elle. Most of the models are white, and there has been a long standing fight to get more black women in these magazines. The question that Jada poses however, is how do black women expect to be invited to model for these mainstream magazines, if they aren’t allowed to pose in magazines like Essence, Vibe, Ebony and Jet?

Jada says

Here’s some of what Jada had to say:

” Will there ever be a day in which women will be able to see each other beyond race, class, and culture?”

“There is a question I want to ask today. I’m asking this question in the spirit of thinking outside of the box in order to open doors to new possibilities. These possibilities may be realistic or unrealistic. I also want to make it clear that there is no finger pointing here.

I pose this question with the hope that it opens a discussion about how we can build a community for women based upon us all taking a deeper interest in one another. An interest where skin color, culture, and social class does not create barriers in sharing the commonality of being… women.

With love and respect to all parties involved, my question is this…if we ask our white sisters, who tend to be the guardians of the covers of mainstream magazines, to consider women of color to grace these covers, should we not offer the same consideration to white women to grace our covers?

Should women extend their power to other women simply because they are women? To my women of color, I am clear we must have something of our own, but is it possible to share in the spirit in which we ask our white sisters to share with us? I don’t know the answer and would love to hear your thoughts.”

Good point!

Jada does bring up a good point: when black women shut white women out of their magazines, it doesn’t really make white women feel open minded about letting them in their magazines. However, we have to say that this seems like a bit “out there” of a request. While magazines like Elle, Cosmo, and Vogue are targeted towards women of both races, magazines like Jet, Ebony, Vibe and Essence are dedicated almost solely to black women.

Those magazines were actually created BECAUSE black women weren’t celebrated enough in mainstream magazines. While the argument Jada brings up is a good one, we don’t see how it could possibly be accomplished anytime soon. But kudos to Ms. Smith to for speaking out on a subject that no one has even given consideration to before!

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