When Should You Have IUI After Getting hCG Shot?

When Should You Have IUI After Getting hCG Shot?

Why does timing matter

If you are undergoing IUI treatments, the timing of the IUI procedure is very important. IUI entails taking the sperm and implanting it directly into the woman’s uterus so that she will have a better chance of becoming pregnant. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, it is very important that the procedure take place during a woman’s fertile period, so that there will be eggs present. There are two different ways to make sure that IUI takes place during a woman’s fertile time. The first one is to use natural cycle timing, and the second way is to use the hCG shot to ensure that the procedure takes place during the fertile period.

Natural cycle timing

The first way that IUI is done is via natural cycle planning. This is where a woman will keep track of her ovulation cycles to know when is the correct time for the IUI procedure to be done. The IUI procedure will be based around the timing of a woman’s LH surge.

This is very important that a woman knows exactly when she is ovulating, otherwise the procedure can be pointless. Usually women track this by using ovulation predictor kits. When they test positive, it is imperative that they schedule a IUI procedure right away.

HCG injection timing

The second way that IUI is done is via injection. Doctors use hCG injections to trigger ovulation and egg release. Doctors use ultrasound technology to make sure that the eggs are mature first. If a doctor determines that a woman’s eggs are mature, an hCG injection will be given to trigger the release of the egg.

The IUI procedure will be scheduled for 24-48 hours later, and that is right around the time that the woman will ovulate. Each fertility clinic does things differently. Some find that their best results come when the IUI procedure is done within 24 hours of the hCG injection, and others find that their best results come at around 40-42 hours after the injection is given.

What happens after the shot

After the hCG injection is given and the woman ovulates, the actual IUI process itself is really easy. It only takes a few minutes for the sperm to be inserted into the cervix via a small catheter. The procedure might be a little bit uncomfortable but most women don’t need anesthesia of any sort, and are back to their regular activities the same day.

Sometimes women report having cramping for a few days afterwards, but it is usually nothing severe. Don’t worry about the shot itself, sometimes women are allowed to even take the shot at home with help from a family member or friend. Other times, the shot is simply given at the doctor’s office by a nurse or assistant. It’s really easy and you should not be nervous about it if you decide to have an hCG injection done.

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