Is your Microwave Oven Safe for your Fertility?

Is your Microwave Oven Safe for your Fertility?

Modern Day Convenience

Microwave ovens. Over 90 percent of all American homes and restaurants have microwave ovens. They are something that we all use, and you can’t argue how nice the convenience is to be able to defrost a roast, pop a bag of popcorn or warm up some hot chocolate.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

But, what is the trade off for all of that convenience? Are microwave ovens safe? What about if you are trying to conceive? Should you avoid using a microwave oven, or are they still safe? Read on for more info!

How Microwaves Work

Did you know that the Soviet Union banned the use of microwave ovens in 1976? That’s because they didn’t think they were safe. Microwave ovens work by producing micro wavelength radiation, which passes through your food.

Microwave ovens emit a form of EM energy similar to radio waves or light waves. Microwaves use the negative and positive poles in our food to cause the molecules in our food to “rotate” thousands of times.

This “polarity rotation” is what generates the heat in our food. While this is what cooks our food, many people believe that it can also be dangerous to our bodies.

Avoid Microwaves When TTC?

Some doctors think that microwaves should be avoided when trying to conceive. This is for several reasons. One reason that microwaves are thought to be dangerous for women who wish to get pregnant is because they alter the nutrients that are in our food.

Some experts even believe that regular consumption of microwaved foods can lead to the male and female hormone production being slowed down, or even stopped completely. It is even possible for vegetables and meat products to turn into carcinogenic compounds after being microwaved.

What To Do

While there is no concrete evidence that microwaves are harmful to fertility, it can’t hurt to take a break from eating microwaved food while you are trying to conceive. I probably wouldn’t eat all three meals each day from the microwave, but doctors and researchers say that there really is no proof that microwaves can cause fertility issues.

Most microwaves made today are very safe, and microwaves are at the very low end of the radiation scale anyways. Of all the things that we need to be concerned with during pregnancy, doctors agree that microwaves are just not one of them.

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