Is Rihanna “The New Princess Diana”?

Is Rihanna “The New Princess Diana"?

The Princess And The Showgirl

Well, she’s been called a lot of things, and compared to a lot of people, but is Rihanna the new princess Diana? Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

That’s what a recent article in The Sunday Times says. The cover story, by Camille Paglia, compares the famous pop singer to the Princess of Wales. What do Princess Diana and Rihanna have in common? A lot, argues Camille Paglia, in this news essay that has people all over the world talking.

Seductive Flirtation

The essay argues the two really do have a lot in common. Camille says that not since Diana went from a “shy kindergarten aide to a lean mean fashion machine has there been such a ravishingly seductive flirtation with the world press”.

The compares the two fashion icons, and their tendencies to use the paparazzi and other photo ops to their advantage, to send whatever message that they might like to send at the time. “Like Diana,” writes Paglia, “Rihanna has worryingly drifted into using photo ops to send messages of allure, defiance or revenge in a turbulent relationship with an errant partner.”

An Errant Partner

We know both Rihanna and Diana have had their own experiences with dangerous famous men in the past. Diana famously said “there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded”, of Prince Charles’ long time affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, which was in no way, shape or form a secret. And Rihanna has been causing controversy for years as she has continued to support and maintain a relationship with Chris Brown after he assaulted her way back in 2009.

What we took from the article is that the author thinks that both Diana and Rihanna have radiated to photographers and photo images to express the pain and issues in their personal lives. Diana radiated to the paparazzi, and Rihanna does hers through social media like Twitter and Instagram.

Flattered Girl

Rihanna, obviously, was thrilled at the comparison to Princess Di, tweeting as soon as she found out: “Just so happens I came home drunk to this in a pile of papers outside my hotel room!” she wrote late Sunday evening. “My lil Bajan behind, never thought these many people would even know my name, now it’s next to Princess Diana’s on the front of a newspaper!”

“Life can be such a beautiful thing when you let it be #yourejealous,” she said. She also tweeted a picture of the cover so that everyone could see.

Do You Agree?

Do you agree with the author that there are similarities between Rihanna and Princess Diana? To a point, we can see where the author was coming from. Diana and Rihanna both have a passion for fashion and are seen as style icons. They have both had an interesting past with high profile men.

They both gravitate towards photographers and paparazzi and use the media to convey their emotions, even without saying them flat out. However, that is where we think the similarities end. Could you really call Rihanna the new Princess Diana?

Critics are not so sure about that. They argue that Rihanna is nowhere near such a good role model for girls like Diana was and that she actually sets a bad example for young women. Diana was very well aware of the example she was setting at every given moment. What do you think? Was the comparison a good one?

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