Is Pregnancy after an HSG More Likely?

Is Pregnancy after an HSG More Likely?

A Hysterosalpingogram, or HSG, is an x-ray test that helps a fertility specialist pinpoint whether there are any blockages inside the female reproductive system. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

What is the HSG test?

A Hysterosalpingogram uses a special dye to look inside the uterus and fallopian tubes of a woman who is experiencing infertility to try to pinpoint what the problem might be. The dye flows through the fallopian tubes and can let doctors get a closer look at such things as blockages or injuries that might be happening inside the body. Some women believe that you are actually more likely to get pregnant after having an HSG test done. Is that true? Let’s do some research and find out.

The controversy on HSG test

Actually, doctors aren’t really sure if the HSG test can increase your chances for a natural pregnancy to occur afterwards or not. It is actually a bit of a controversy in the medical world! Some tests and surveys actually do show a small increased chance in conceiving in the three months immediately following an HSG test, but there is not a real “medical” reason for this! Most doctors and other health care professionals believe that an HSG can, in essence, “flush” the fallopian tubes of any small blockages that might have been there, therefore making it easier for a woman to get pregnant. Other doctors think that perhaps the dye that is used during an HSG test does something to improve the lining of the uterus and make it more conducive to pregnancy, helping the embryo to implant.

HSG test is primarily for diagnostic reasons

Other doctors aren’t really sure why it seems that HSG tests can have a positive impact on pregnancy. Keep in mind that the chance of getting pregnant after an HSG test isn’t really all that great, so it is not really used as a treatment method in and of itself. Think of pregnancy after an HSG test as a positive side effect! (One that doesn’t occur very often.) The test is used for diagnostic reasons only, and not as a fertility treatment method. If you are going to have an HSG done, don’t put all of your eggs into the basket and think that you will get pregnant just from the effects of the HSG test itself. If this does happen, it is not that common, and you never really know if it was the test itself or just a coincidence that you got pregnant. My advice is not to read too much into the pregnancy after HSG rumors, and if it happens, just consider it an added bonus!

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