Is My Baby Kicking?

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One of the most exciting things regarding a pregnancy is when the baby starts kicking. Women are able to begin experiencing this at different points during their pregnancy. This can make it difficult to determine whether you are really feeling your baby kick or if it is something else. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

When to Expect Movements?

Most women begin experiencing baby movements around 18 to 22 weeks. However, keep in mind that some women are able to begin feeling their baby much sooner than this. This is especially true when a woman has been pregnant before. Other women may not be able to feel the baby move for some time later.

Your size could also affect when you are able to begin feeling your baby move. Women who are on the smaller size could begin feeling movement much sooner than women who are larger. At the beginning, the movements could be mistaken for gas pains, however, which could make it harder to distinguish between them.

Third Trimester

During the third trimester, pregnant women should be able to feel their baby move quite frequently. This is the time you should be tracking your baby’s movement the most. As your womb becomes smaller, your baby will gain strength. This will cause the movements of your baby to feel stronger than before.

During your third trimester, you should expect to feel at least 10 movements per hour. Every day, you should set aside time to make sure your baby is moving as is expected. To get your baby to move more, drink some cold juice and alter your position. If it takes longer than two hours to reach 10 movements, you should talk to your doctor immediately.

In order to determine if your baby is moving properly, an ultrasound may be necessary. With an ultrasound, your doctor will be able to determine whether your baby is moving properly or if there is reason for concern when an ultrasound is conducted. This is a great way to see your baby’s movements even before you actually feel the movements on your own. You can also enjoy watching your baby move even when you can’t feel them.

The important thing to do is talk to your doctor about the proper movements of your baby. Your doctor will be able to help you determine when you should be feeling your baby move and whether you should be concerned. Tracking your baby’s movements carefully is the best way to give your doctor the best information.

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Monica Scott, BS, RN
Monica Scott, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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