Is My Baby Kicking, or is it Something Else?

Is My Baby Kicking, or is it Something Else?

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If you’ve never been pregnant before, or even if you have, it can be hard to tell when your baby is kicking. Once you do feel your baby kick, it can be extremely exciting and fun. However, it can be very hard to distinguish what is a kick and what isn’t. Read on to find out more about your baby kicking, and how to tell when it’s happening. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

First Trimester Baby Kicks

When you are in your first trimester, that is when it is the very hardest to tell when you little bun in the oven is moving. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to tell when your baby is kicking. In fact, your baby is growing and developing so quickly, it’s incredible.

Your baby, however, is far too small for you to be able to feel his or her movements just yet. So, if you think you are feeling something, sorry to report it, but you’re probably not feeling kicks. Your baby might be moving in there, but there is probably no way that you are feeling it yet.

Second Trimester Baby Kicks

Once a woman hits her second trimester that is when she might start to feel her baby kicking. Women who are very small, or who have had babies before will probably recognize their baby’s kicking before other women will.

Usually, second trimester baby kicks will, at the beginning, feel like butterflies in the stomach, gas pains, or stomach muscle spasms. However, most women don’t feel these feelings at all. Once a woman hits the fifth month, it gets a little easier to feel those kicks.

They might be few and far between at first, and they might feel like little prods or pokes at first. Once you get into the six month mark, you will start to feel more kicks, and they will begin to be very noticeable. There’s no mistaking once you get here.

Third Trimester Baby Kicks

By the time that you get to the third trimester, room in your womb is getting short. This means your baby will be running out of space soon, and your baby is also getting stronger.

This means that the kicks you feel will be much more powerful, and might even hurt sometimes. After 28 weeks, your baby should be kicking every single day.

Set aside some time during your day to count your baby’s kicks and movements to make sure that he or she is moving as much as they should be. You should look for more than ten movements in any given hour. On days that your baby isn’t moving much, you can drink some fruit juice, lie down or change positions, and keep on counting.

If it takes more than 2 hours to reach ten kicks, it’s time to call your doctor to make sure that nothing is wrong. Once it gets near time for delivery, some babies move extremely fast and powerfully, and others calm down and begin to rest while they await their birth day.

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