Is it Okay to Breastfeed When I am Pregnant?

Is it Okay to Breastfeed When I am Pregnant?

Is it safe to breastfeed while pregnant?

There are cases when women get pregnant even as they are breastfeeding their young child. With this situation numerous questions arise about pregnancy and breastfeeding. Is it safe, many women wonder. The decision actually boils down to you. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

You should talk to your doctor, of course, and then decide the best for you. Your doctor will surely help you with it and you can make the right decision accordingly. Experts don’t actually specify any guidelines for you to follow if you are still breastfeeding when you get pregnant.

Most experts agree that as long as you eat well and follow an active lifestyle, it is safe to breastfeed your young child through your pregnancy. You should be aware of a few things in order to breastfeed safely while keeping your pregnancy safe at the same time. Here is more information to help you out.

Milk supply decreases

Know that the supply of milk will decrease once you get pregnant. In order to overcome this, you may take supplements, which will increase your milk production. However, some may be harmful and you should be careful while choosing the right supplement.

Taking expert opinion is the safest bet. Some of the safe supplements are marshmallow, dill, blessed thistle, and nettle. Also, you should also keep drinking fluids regularly. This will help you increase the supply of milk for your young child.

Uterine contractions are common at such times but if they are persistent and/or severe, it is recommended that you see the doctor. Nipple soreness occurs during pregnancy and if you breastfeed at the same time, it will only get worse for you.

Extra calories

You should watch your diet extra carefully during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You should ensure that you eat right and take in all the required calories per day. The fetus requires 300 calories per day and milk production requires at least 200 calories and a maximum of 500 calories.

Thus, through this time, you will need an additional 500 calories minimum per day. Your diet should be well balanced and it must mainly contain protein and calcium. Four servings of protein per day along with six of calcium are ideal.

Water & prenatal vitamins

You should drink plenty of water, no less than eight glasses per day. You should also strictly take all your prenatal vitamins on time. You can talk to your doctor and see if he thinks that you need calcium supplements too. Also you should exercise moderately to stay fit. Aerobics is the best exercise. If you want to start a new exercise regime, you should talk to the doctor to choose the best for you.

Tandem nursing?

You should consider what to do after giving birth. Will you go for tandem nursing, which means nursing both your children? If you want to wean your older one, be careful because she might want to continue suckling. If you do choose to wean, do so with plenty of time before the birth for the older one to forget his breastfeeding so as not to compete with the little one.

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