Is Casey Anthony Pregnant with Another Child?

Is Casey Anthony Pregnant with Another Child?

Say It Ain’t So

A collective gasp could be heard around the world, when the National Enquirer published a story recently saying that Casey Anthony is pregnant again! The magazine is not known for it’s reliable sources or for publishing super accurate stories, but this one has everyone talking! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The supermarket tabloid claims to have reports from several sources close to Casey Anthony that claim that she is pregnant again, after being acquitted of killing her daughter Caylee in what most think was one of the worst failures of the US Justice System in history.

Another Chance

The Enquirer reports that Casey is bragging to all of her friends that she is about one month along in her pregnancy. The reports say that she is ecstatic to get “another chance” to prove that she is a good mother after what happened to Caylee. Casey Anthony appeared in court on March 4 to declare bankruptcy, and she wore loose fitting clothes, so there was no way to tell if there was or was not a baby bump, not that she would have one yet anyway.

Who’s The Daddy

Casey Anthony has been in hiding since her trial in June of 2011, so who is the daddy? Apparently, Casey told her friends that he is a wealthy man that she met while she was in hiding and that he is “obsessed with her.” The article does not name the man, nor does it give any hints as to who he might be, but with Casey Anthony declaring bankruptcy recently, it could be very possible that there is a wealthy man somewhere that is taking care of her.

Casey testified in court that she has only $1000 in assets, and somewhere around $792,000 in debt. She says that she has no income, is unemployed, and is living off of unsolicited donations and gift cards from strangers, and money from her former lawyer, Jose Baez.

Fighting Back

Apparently, there are plenty of people who don’t think that Casey Anthony should be allowed to have a child again. (Imagine that, right?) The Enquirer also reports that there are a group of concerned citizens that have started a petition that Casey Anthony should be sterilized, and that if she does in fact have another child, that the child be turned over to social services immediately.

However, the magazine doesn’t say who any of these citizens are. So is she really pregnant? We don’t know for sure, and there really is no way to know, except to just wait and see. But, we do have to say, we sure hope this one isn’t true!

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