Is Autism Linked to Flu Vaccine While Pregnant?

Is Autism Linked to Pregnant Women Having Flu Vaccine During Pregnancy?

Autism spectrum disorder is actually pretty common and the sad part is that its prevalence is growing by the year. The reason behind this has not been understood yet but the suspicion is at vaccinations and other practices. If you go by the recent findings though, you will see that a link between flu vaccine and autism development has not been established yet. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Develops as young as three years old

Autism can develop at a young age. Some of the patients are as young as three years old. Communication skills and social interactions take the biggest hit when it comes to autism. Some findings have shown that in many cases, autism developed after vaccination.

This led to the thought that maybe vaccinations are responsible for the onset of autism. While many doctors are against this belief, more research needs to be carried out. Anti-vaccination groups are firm on this and say that more research is definitely required.


The reason why fingers are being pointed at vaccines is because of the use of a preservative named thimerosal, which contains mercury. It is used in a few vaccines and it is a known fact that mercury is toxic to the brain. In fact, it is toxic to the entire nervous system.

In the recent years the number of vaccines and their frequency have increased. This is the reason why many believe that mercury toxicity in kids may be the reason behind autism. Some of the symptoms include headaches, muscle weakness, and mood changes.

Even though an affirmative link has not been unearthed, the use of this preservative has been reduced significantly. In fact, most of the flu vaccines today don’t contain this preservative. However, the rates of autism continue to increase and that shows that autism and thimerosal have no link.

Maternal influenza

A recent study, which was published last year, showed a link between maternal influence and autism in the child. It showed that if the mother suffered from influenza while she was pregnant, the risks of her baby having autism increased two-fold.

A more recent study carried out this year said that there is no firm link between maternal influenza and autism but there is a link between high fever during pregnancy and autism. This is the reason why, doctors recommend taking a flu shot during pregnancy or when you are in your childbearing age.

Flu shots

Most doctors recommend flu shots for women during pregnancy. However, there are doctors who link flu vaccine to autism. This is another mind boggler but again, there is no evidence to support it. Taking a flu shot is actually up to you.

If you think it is safe for your baby, you can go ahead with it. You should decide based on the information that the doctor provides to you along with the suggestions he gives you. Think about it and make the right decision.

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Monica Scott, BS, RN
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