6 Tips to Improving Your Fertility

6 Tips to Improving Your Fertility

There are many things that a woman can do to improve her fertility. Most women don’t think that there is anything they can do to improve their fertility, but that is not true. Want to know what you can do to improve your fertility? Read on for some easy getting pregnant tips! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, one of the best things you can do for your fertility, not to mention your general health, is to quit smoking. Being a smoker gives you an increased risk for ectopic pregnancy and also an increased risk of miscarriage. It can damage your Fallopian tubes and also your cervix. Some experts also believe that smoking can damage your eggs and decrease your fertility prematurely.

Quit Drinking

If you are a drinker, you might want to quit if you are trying to get pregnant. Drinking can make it harder for you to conceive. Also, if you do get pregnant, drinking while you are pregnant can lead to birth defects such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and even miscarriage.

Stop Stressing

It might sound like a myth, but stress can really make it harder for you to conceive. Too much stress can even lead to ovulation problems, which can make it impossible to conceive. The more you stress, the harder it will be to get pregnant. Try your best to get enough sleep and relax in order to preserve your fertility.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Being overweight can make it really hard to conceive. If you are overweight, your hormone levels can be out of whack and you won’t conceive as easily as you would otherwise. If you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight, then it can be much, much easier to conceive.

Track Your Ovulation

Finding out when you are ovulating is the singlemost important thing that you can do to increase your fertility. There are only a few days each month when you can get pregnant, and if you don’t know those days, your chances of getting pregnant are much lower. There are lots of ways to track your ovulation, from charting your basal body temperature, buying an over the counter fertility test kit, paying attention to your cervical mucus, etc.

Watch Your Lubricant

Something that many women don’t pay attention to is their lubricant choice. Over the counter lubricants can contain harmful chemicals that can kill sperm. Make sure that you choose lubricants wisely and use something natural like peanut oil or canola oil to make sure that there are no bad effects on your sperm.

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Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD
Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD | ConceiveEasy
Dr. Prabha Sahgal MD, is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and subspecialty board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Dr. Sahgal holds a B.S. degree from MIT in molecular biology and currently serves on the ConceiveEasy board of directors.