Importance of IVF Success Rates to Choose a Fertility Clinic?

How Important are IVF Success Rates in Choosing a Fertility Clinic?

If you are choosing a fertility clinic, you probably already know that there is a lot to consider. So, how do you go about choosing a clinic? Should you base your search solely on success rates alone? So many questions! Read on as we try to sort out some of them for you and help you with your important decision. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Success rates

While success rates are a big part of the picture, they should not be the only part of the picture. Experts suggest using success rates to get a clearer picture of a clinic’s area of expertise, but not to base your decision solely on those numbers.

In fact, experts say that to get a more accurate picture of a fertility clinic’s success, you should ask about their rates of donor egg success. Why is that? The reasoning is that donors are most often young women who are extremely healthy, so you can use that as sort of a baseline for the data.

So, don’t always take the success rate data at first glance. And, remember, it takes three years for the CDC to compile those lists of fertility clinic data, so the most up to date and recent information will be able to be found directly from the doctors themselves.


While IVF costs really shouldn’t be a factor in determining which fertility clinic is the right fit for you, the reality is that fertility treatments are very expensive, and fertility insurance is very rare. Unless you have an unlimited cash flow, chances are that at least part of your decision will be based on costs.

You want to look for the best value for your money, and many couples seek out fertility clinics with many different financing options or alternative ways to pay when looking for the right one. Beware of any “money back guarantees”, however. It may mean that your doctor will go to great lengths to get you pregnant, and might use more aggressive tactics than you would prefer.

Your “Gut”

Perhaps this is the most important aspect of choosing a fertility clinic. You have to physically go to the clinic, meet the staff, meet the doctors, meet the nurses, and listen to what your gut feelings tell you. Ask questions, and ask a lot of them.

You might want to ask if there is an age limit for treatment (can give you an indication about the ethics of the clinic), and ask how long the staff, doctors, and director have been there (high turnover rates can be a bad sign). If the staff or doctors act like they do not want to give straight answers, or don’t have time to answer your questions, consider another clinic.

You want to make sure that your clinic is a place where you will feel comfortable and welcome, so keep that in mind. You might end up spending a lot of time (and money!) at whichever fertility clinic that you choose, so choose wisely!

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