Husband Wants Pregnant Wife Off Life Support

Husband Wants Pregnant Wife Off Life Support

Pure hell

It’s a story that has the nation talking, raising important and difficult questions about end of life care, and when exactly someone should be declared dead, and what that person’s rights actually are. The experience that the family of Marlise Munoz has been going through has been described by family members as “pure hell”, and it’s not looking to get any easier anytime soon. Read on to hear their story. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

From bad to worse

Marlise Munoz, age 33, suffered from a pulmonary embolism which left her brain deprived of oxygen for more than an hour before she got treatment at a hospital. Her brain activity ceased, and her family knew that what Marlise would want is to be disconnected from life support.

She was a paramedic, and she had always told her family that she never wanted to be kept on life support if she were to suffer a traumatic injury. However, the ordeal went from bad to worse when doctors determined that Marlise’s family could not pull the plug on her life support because she was 14 weeks pregnant.

It’s the law

In Texas, there is a special law that overrides the wishes of family members in situations like these. If a woman is pregnant, the mother must be kept on life support if there is a chance that the fetus can be carried to term.

However, in Marlise’s case, doctors won’t know if the baby can be carried to term for another six weeks. So, even though Marlise Munoz’s family knows that she would want to be removed from life support, doctors and the law are blocking them from following through with that, until they know the condition of the baby.

A tough predicament

The unborn baby does still have a heartbeat, but Erick Munoz, Marlise’s husband, says that there aren’t many tests the doctors can do right now to tell whether or not the fetus will be viable. He has stated that he does want his wife removed from life support, since he knew her wishes.

Erick says that doctor’s don’t know how long the baby was without nutrients and oxygen and that they didn’t know if the baby would live if they kept his wife on life support. Erick Munoz also says that he knows that not many people are going to agree with his decision, and most people would want to keep their spouse on life support, but that is not the way that he feels.

Not an easy choice

No matter what happens in this particular case, there is no easy choice. No one really wins, and this family will be left heartbroken no matter what. Whether or not Erick Munoz can find a way to overrule the law and remove his wife from life support, she will still be gone.

Even if she stays on life support for months and months until their baby can survive on it’s own, no one knows what kind of life that baby will lead. It could have brain damage and be severely disabled, or it might not even make it at all. So, who really gets to make this decision? If a person has already established that they do not want to be on life support, do you think the courts can decide otherwise if a baby is involved?

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Maureen Stephens, BS, RN
Maureen Stephens, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy
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