Husband Begs EMTs To Save Unborn

Shock: Newlyweds Killed In Car Accident — Husband Begs EMTs To Save Unborn

Sad Story

A sad story to share today. Newlyweds Jamie Soukup Reid, 25, and her husband Will Reid, 26, have died following a tragic car crash in Asheville, North Carolina. The couple had only been married since May, and were in Asheville to attend the wedding of a friend.  Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

They were using a hired limo service when the driver somehow lost control of the car and it crashed into a tree. The car’s driver is still in the hospital recovering from the crash, and it is likely that charges will be filed against him when he is discharged.

According to search warrant applications filed on August 13, police investigators said that the driver’s “actions directly contributed to the collision,” the Asheville Citizen-Times reported. No word as of yet, though, on when the driver will be getting out of the hospital, or what he will be charged with.

It Gets Worse

As if this sad story wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse. As it turns out, 25 year old Jamie was pregnant with her first child. The baby’s first sonogram pictures were found in her purse after the crash. While Jamie died on impact in the crash, her husband Will did not know that and witnesses say that he begged EMT’s to save his wife and unborn baby first, and leave him there.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that anyone could do to save the lives of Will’s wife or unborn son. Will later lost his life after succumbing to his injuries at an area hospital. A dual funeral will be held for the couple on Saturday, August 17, in Will’s hometown of Phillisburg, New Jersey.

Not Surprised

Jamie and Will’s family and friends are of course, mourning the loss of not only these two great people, but also their lives together and their unborn child, but they do say that they are not surprised that Will would ask to save Jamie and the baby first. “As horrible as it was to hear, it doesn’t surprise me to know what (he said) in those few minutes he was awake,” Will Reid’s mother, Anne Reid, told the Daily News on Wednesday. “They lived for one another — up until the end.”

Anne Reid also told reporters that the family had just found out about the pregnancy and that Will and Jamie had only begun to tell friends and others outside of their immediate family that they were expecting. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all through this very difficult time.

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