How Your Home Can Adversely Affect Fertility

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When you think about fertility and the factors that affect it, there are probably a few things that automatically come to mind. Age affects fertility, sure. Physical factors, no doubt about those… But something you might not have considered is how your home affects fertility. Today we are going to find out just how much your house and the things inside it can affect your fertility. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here


Most people don’t really consider what’s on their walls, but the type of paint that is used in your home may be adversely affecting your fertility. There are ingredients in some types of paints that affect sperm quality, interfere with periods, and even cause miscarriages. Glycol Ether is one of the most harmful ingredients in paints and varnishes, so try to avoid using it in your home.

Food and drink containers

As you probably already know, BPA is an ingredient in many items in our homes. It is most often found in water bottles and plastics used to prepare and store foods. BPA can be harmful to fertility, so you should try to avoid it as much as possible. Luckily, most companies are introducing BPA free plastics so you don’t have to worry about this as much as you used to.

The shower

Surely you have noticed the telltale smell that new shower curtains have when you take them out of the package. Shower curtains contain ingredients that are known as phthalates. These ingredients have also been found in some food and drink containers and other plastics, but they are very often found in plastic or vinyl shower curtains. These ingredients have been linked to low sperm counts in men, so try to avoid them if at all possible.

The floors

Carpets have always been notoriously bad for trapping dirt, dust, and chemicals inside that are left there by dirty shoes. If these chemicals are harmful ones, they can potentially affect fertility. Try to leave your shoes off at home as much as possible so you don’t track anything harmful onto the carpet.

The bed

Some of the flame retardant chemicals used in mattresses, couch cushions, and carpet paddings have been shown to be absorbed by your bloodstream. If you are exposed to high levels of these chemicals, your fertility could potentially be affected. Try to buy organic cotton or other organic fabrics when possible to avoid being exposed to these chemicals

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