How Yoga Can Help You Get Pregnant

How Yoga Can Help You Get Pregnant

Yoga and its benefits

Yoga has been touted as a wonderful way to improve the mind, body and soul for years. It is an ancient Indian form of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines based upon carefully enacted poses that allow people to not only work the body into shape in a gentle way, but help to provide peace and tranquility as well. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

In recent years there has been a shift in the yoga community as more women turn to alternative means to help boost their fertility and chances of conceiving and from this the idea of “fertility yoga” was born.

What is fertility yoga?

Fertility yoga is much like your average yoga routine; however the specific poses used within a fertility yoga session are done so for their particular usefulness in aiding a woman’s effort to get pregnant. From poses used to help create better blood flow to reproductive organs to poses designed to help center the mind and body due to the inherent stresses found in trying to conceive, fertility yoga provides a balance of exercising the mind and body to create the right environment for a woman to successfully conceive and in a natural way.

What fertility yoga poses are the best?

Though all yoga poses have a benefit to the mind and body, some provide the maximum benefit in specific ways that boost fertility. Below are 4 yoga poses that can help increase the chances of conception and help you relieve the stress and worry that has plagued you as the months go on without conception.

The Legs Up the Wall Pose Traditionally known as viparita karani, this pose helps to increase the chances of conception as it helps the sperm to travel deeper into the reproductive tract and have a higher chances of reaching the matured egg waiting for fertilization.

It is a very easy pose to perform; after having intercourse immediately place some soft blankets in front of the wall and lay on your back with your legs up straight in the air against the wall. Hold this pose for 20 minutes as this will give the sperm ample time to hopefully reach their destination.

The Lotus Pose Also called padmasana, this pose helps to increase fertility by centering the mind and reducing stress in the body. Stress found from the worry of infertility and never conceiving a child has been proven to affect the natural hormone balance in the body that is responsible for fertility and reproduction. By doing this pose women are able to rebalance their hormones to create the optimal levels that will ensure their bodies go through the normal ovulation cycle correctly.

The lotus position is one of the most commonly known and is done by sitting on the floor with each of your feet resting on top of the opposite knee with the arms outstretched and the hands resting lightly on the knees. Once positioned, close your mind and allow yourself to ignore all other distractions, paying attention only to the rhythm of your body, breathing in and out deeply. With your eyes closed envision a relaxing image such as sitting on the beach, walking through a forest or planting a seed; let this become your only thought as you let go of all stresses, worries, fears or expectations.

The Cobra Pose Traditionally known as bhujangasana, this pose provides an increase of blood flow to the ovaries and the uterus which can aid in everything from the production of hormone used in the ovulation cycle to the creation of cervical mucus which can help sperm make their journey to the egg.

To do the pose lay flat on the ground on your stomach with your hands palm down on the floor below your shoulders and your feet top down on the floor. Breathing deep and then exhaling slowly lift the top of your body and arch your back and neck while pressing your feet, legs and hips downwards. Hold this pose for 15 to 30 seconds while breathing naturally and then release the pose and return to lying flat on the floor.

Yoga can help a lot, you don’t even have to stop it as soon as you get pregnant. All you need to do is switch to prenatal yoga and you’re good to go.

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