How to Unblock Fallopian Tubes Naturally

How to Unblock Fallopian Tubes Naturally

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Blocked fallopian tubes are one of the most common fertility issues. When the egg is released from the ovaries, it travels down the fallopian tubes and into the uterus where it waits to be (potentially) fertilized by the sperm. If the fallopian tubes are blocked, however, there is no way for the egg to travel to the place it is supposed to, and this can cause fertility troubles. However, as far as fertility problems go, blocked fallopian tubes are a problem that is easy to handle and solve, in most cases. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Diagnosing Blocked Tubes

It is imperative that a woman knows whether or not her fallopian tubes are blocked or not. You cannot treat blocked tubes if you do not know that you have them. The most common test to check for blocked fallopian tubes is the Hysterosalpingogram, or HSG test. It is an x-ray test that uses a special dye to look at the fallopian tubes and see any potential blockages.

It is a very common test and is used most often to check for fallopian tube blockages. Some women actually believe that the dye used in the HSG test itself is able to help remove blockages from the fallopian tubes, and there have actually been reports of women getting pregnant after having the HSG test and no other treatments.

Fertility Cleansing

Fertility cleansing is very popular for many different reasons. Many people believe that a fertility cleanse can help the body rid itself of toxins and chemicals that can inhibit fertility. Many women believe that a fertility cleanse can even help to rid the body of toxins that might have somehow implanted into the fallopian tubes. You can research online for the details on how to perform a fertility cleanse of your own.

Fertility Massage

Another option for natural remedies for blocked fallopian tubes is fertility massage, otherwise known as abdominal massage. Fertility massage is great for breaking up adhesions and increasing circulation. Fertility massage can also reduce inflammation and help to break up scar tissue. This is a great option for noninvasive treatment for blocked fallopian tubes.

Herbal Treatments

There are several different treatment options for herbs to help with blocked fallopian tubes. Ginger root, Dong Quai, Hawthorn, and Peony Root are all great herbal choices to help clear out fallopian tubes. The great thing about herbal treatment options are that they are all natural and have been used for hundreds of years. Make sure to do your research before beginning a herbal treatment method for blocked fallopian tubes.

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