How to Treat Children’s Sunburn

How to Treat Children's Sunburn

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Children’s skin is very sensitive and can easily become irritated. Because of this, it is easy for their skin to become sunburned. When your child develops a sunburn, it is important that you treat it appropriately. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

For starters, make sure that your child is drinking plenty of water and fluids throughout the day because a sunburn can cause them to become dehydrated. You should also watch to make sure that your child is urinating regularly.

You can give acetaminophen to your child to help relieve the pain, but you should talk to their doctor beforehand. Any baths that you give to your child should be given in tepid water. This can help to soothe the skin and make the sunburn disappear faster.

There are also special lotions that you can put on the skin to help ease the pain that your child is feeling. However, if the skin is painful to the touch, applying lotion may be rather painful for the child and you may need to avoid it.

It is also important that you protect your child’s skin when they go outdoors in the future as well. Further exposure to the sun can make a sunburn worse. It is best to keep your child completely out of the sun while they are healing from a sunburn.

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