How to Relieve Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy

How to Relieve Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy

Pregnancy side effects

Pregnancy may be exciting but once you find out that you are pregnant, you have to prepare yourself for a world of challenges. You can’t even begin to understand the number of changes your body will go through in the forty weeks and the number of side effects you will experience through these weeks. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

You must have surely heard about morning sickness, fatigue, depression, weight gain, and aversions to certain foods but there is much more to pregnancy than just these. You have to watch out for more severe and painful conditions too such as constipation, gestational diabetes, and so on. Another such problem is hemorrhoids. This is actually a very common complaint during pregnancy.

The good, the bad and the ugly

The frequency of hemorrhoids depends on a number of things such as changes in the blood circulation, which can lead to the inflation of the blood vessels in the rectal area; constipation because of slowed digestion; pressure of the fetus on the digestive system; and weight gain.

Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this condition or to at least ease it. Besides taking care of your health, here are steps that you could take in order to relieve hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Sitz bath

A sitz bath will help you with the inflammation as well as the itching. You can buy the bath at the local pharmacy and you can easily fit it over your toilet. Otherwise, you can use your bathtub for this purpose. Fill it with some warm water and then soak your bottom in it for about twenty minutes. Do this many times a day. Make sure you definitely do it after defecating. Once you are done with your sitz bath, pat dry with a soft towel and do not rub at any cost.

Witch hazel

Apply witch hazel using cotton balls on the anal area. This will relieve the itching. You can find presoaked pads easily at the local pharmacy, like Tucks. You can use this long-term safely, without any problems.


Ice is another option. You can use it to numb the anal area. This will ease the itching as well as the irritation. If you don’t prefer ice you can go for lidocaine or any other anesthetic available at the pharmacy for the same purpose. Be careful not to use creams, which contain hydrocortisone for longer than a week because they can cause skin damage when used for long.

Cotton underwear

Cotton underwear will also help against the itching. Sitting on a cushion is another idea to relieve hemorrhoids.

Warm water

Bathe everyday in warm water and clean the anal area properly but softly. If the soap irritates your skin, don’t use it. Instead of using dry toilet paper after defecating, use a moist wipe because it is gentle.

Fiber foods

Check what you are eating and make sure you add plenty of fruits and vegetables containing fiber in your diet. Whole grains are also an excellent source of fiber. If necessary, take a fiber supplement too. Additionally, increase your water intake. Don’t drink less than eight glasses per day. By following this diet you will ensure that your stools are soft and that they pass easily. Switch to fiber foods gradually and not all of a sudden.


Exercising will help you prevent constipation and to stimulate bowel function. You should be active so as to alleviate the pressure on the veins in your rectum and your anus. This will also keep your weight in check.

Don’t wait around

If you get the urge, rush to the bathroom immediately. Don’t wait around because that can lead to even worse hemorrhoids.

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Monica Scott, BS, RN
Monica Scott, BS, RN | ConceiveEasy