How to Handle Asthma in Pregnancy


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Pregnancy can be complicated because of a number of things and one of them is asthma. Yes, asthma is a common culprit of pregnancy complication. 8 percent of the total population of women comes down with asthma during their most fertile years. If you can control your asthma while you are pregnant, you can save yourself as well as your baby from a number of problems. However, if you don’t control it, you can suffer from a number of problems and so can your baby. Premature birth, fetal growth retardation, stillbirth, and high blood pressure are just a few of the many complications related to uncontrolled asthma during pregnancy. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Premature birth

If you don’t control your asthma, you are at a higher risk of premature labor and premature birth. Births before the 37th week are generally termed as premature births. Asthma is the condition in which the tubes that are responsible for carrying air are inflamed and narrowed down as a result. This narrowing down makes it very difficult to breathe.

This is called asthma. When you have asthma and when you are pregnant at the same time, the stress on your body is more. Thus, the stress on your fetus is also more and that is the reason why premature births occur.

Delay in the growth of the fetus

This is another major complication faced by asthmatic women. If you don’t keep your asthma under check during pregnancy, you will not be able to supply the required oxygen through the blood to the fetus. Oxygen supply is an absolute must for the fetus to grow properly and to develop well. Because the oxygen supply declines, the growth of the fetus is delayed. Such babies are usually smaller after birth.

High blood pressure during pregnancy or preeclampsia

Through your pregnancy preeclampsia or toxemia could bring you down, which is a condition that raises blood pressure during pregnancy. You will start retaining fluids and worse, you will excrete protein through your urine. If you have asthma and suffer from even moderate symptoms of asthma during pregnancy, you are at a very high risk of suffering from this problem.

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Those who are not asthmatic are lower risks. You could also develop eclampsia. This is a condition in which your brain’s membrane begins to swell rapidly. This results in seizures. If you are inflicted with eclampsia, you may need to deliver your baby earlier through C-section.

Controlling asthma during pregnancy

Your airways should always be clear. You may be concerned about asthma medicines affecting your baby’s health but not using them will affect your baby even more. Besides, using an inhaler will barely put your child at any risks. Hence you should use your inhaler without concern. Being concerned about oral medications is valid because they can put your baby at risk.

You could talk to your doctor about it beforehand and he will prescribe other medicines that are safe or he will lower the dosage to a safer level. The first trimester is the most crucial, remember.

Talk to your doctor

Don’t make assumptions when it comes to asthma. You will make situations worse for yourself. You should not be careless about your asthma during pregnancy. Another thing to consider is that the effect of asthma differs from one person to the other. You should have an elaborate discussion with your doctor and come up with a treatment plan to curb it effectively, thus.

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