How to Get Pregnant with Vitex

How to Get Pregnant with Vitex

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When a woman is trying to get pregnant and finding it harder than she imagined, she may look toward finding up to 15 pregnancy tips to help her on her way. From fertility diets to fertility pills to fertility drugs to better sex positions to fertility herbs, women struggling to conceive look down every avenue to help in their goal. If you want to go the natural route, many look toward fertility herbs and the most popular is Vitex. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

The proper way to take Vitex is often disagreed upon. Many doctors believe that it is best to only take the supplement when a woman is not ovulating. The reason for this is because Vitex can cause issues with a pregnancy if it is taken while a woman is pregnant. In order to avoid these problems, doctors will suggest that women stop taking it while they are ovulating in case they do become pregnant.

However, other experts believe that this will not affect the pregnancy and instead suggest that a woman take the drug every day until she does conceive. In order to learn which the best option for you is, it is best to discuss taking Vitex with your doctor before you begin.

It is important to note that Vitex is a natural, over the counter supplement that can eliminate many of the side effects that come with prescription fertility pills. However, it is also something that can take a while to begin working. Since this is the case, you should begin taking it several months before you are ready to conceive. It is highly effective, but women must be patient when they decide to rely on this supplement when they are trying to conceive.

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