How to Get Pregnant with Twins using Fertility Drugs

How to Get Pregnant with Twins using Fertility Drugs

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Fertility Drugs And Twins

The fact that fertility drugs increase the chances of having twins is common knowledge. However, many women are misinformed about the chances of having twins when it comes to taking fertility drugs. For a normal pregnancy with no fertility drugs being used, the average chance of conceiving twins is around 3% or 4%. When you take fertility drugs like Clomid, your likelihood of having twins increases to around 10%. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Less than 1% of all Clomid pregnancies will end in a woman conceiving triplets or higher order multiples. As you can see, the chances of having twins does increase while on Clomid, but it does not increase too much. It is not a huge chance, but it is enough of a chance to make a difference if you are really wanting to have twins.

Using Clomid To Conceive Twins

It is not advisable to use Clomid for the sole reason of conceiving twins. You should only take fertility drugs if you are under a doctor’s care and if the fertility medications have been prescribed for you. Women should never try to take fertility drugs if they do not need them, just to get pregnant with twins. If your doctor prescribes fertility drugs for you, then you can take them and take your chances of having twins.

The reason that Clomid is more likely to produce twin pregnancies is because it stimulates ovulation, and allows a woman to release more than one egg sometimes. When more than one egg is released and fertilized, that is when twins results. However, when Clomid twins result, they will usually not be identical twins, they will instead be fraternal twins. This is because identical twins results when one egg splits into two. With Clomid, more than one egg is released, and that results in fraternal twins.

What Else To Know

It is important to remember that there are also other things that can increase your chances of having twins, not just fertility drugs. Of course, if you have a family history of twins, you will be more likely to conceive twins. If you are taller or overweight, there is also a greater chance that you will get pregnant with twins, although experts are not entirely sure why.

Also, the older you are when you get pregnant, the greater the chance that you will end up conceiving twins. The more pregnancies you have had, will also increase your chances of having twins. Twins are also more common in African American women and less common in Hispanic and Asian women.

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