How to Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

How to Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

We all know that fertility drugs can increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins, which is common knowledge. But, is there a way to get pregnant with twins naturally, without the aide of fertility drugs? Well, today we have a few tips to help you. Some of them might be wives tales, and some of them might be real true ways to increase your chances, but today we are going to cover all of them! Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

Runs in families

We all know that twins run in families, so find out your family history to see what your chances of conceiving twins naturally are. Keep in mind that twins do tend to skip a generation. Remember that twins are only genetic on the mother’s side, so if your guy has twins in his family, that won’t really help your chances at all.

Take folic acid

There have been some studies done showing a link between folic acid and twins. One Australian survey showed that women who take folic acid supplements while trying to conceive had close to a 40 percent chance of conceiving twins. Of course, these studies are not proven, or guaranteed in any way, but folic acid is definitely a good idea for a woman trying to conceive anyway.

Get fatter!

Studies show a direct correlation between weight and twins. Women who are overweight are more likely to give birth to twins. Just make sure that you don’t gain too much weight, since that can hinder your chances of getting pregnant at all.

Eat lots of dairy!

Dairy products have been shown to increase the chances of conceiving twins by up to five times! Doctors aren’t so sure if it is the dairy products that increase the chance, or the growth hormones that are found in most dairy products. Either way, eat more dairy if you want twins and look toward the products that were treated with the rBST growth hormone.

Wait until you are older

It is a well known fact that older moms are more likely to give birth to twins. Women over 45 have a 17% percent chance of getting pregnant with twins. The problem is that older moms also have a lower rate of fertility. There are also a lot of risks that go along with getting pregnant at an older age, so keep those in mind too.

These are a few of the most common how-to tips to get pregnant with twins naturally. Try some of these tips out for yourself, best of luck!

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