How to Get Pregnant With a Boy: 5 Tricks

How to Get Pregnant with a Boy

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The idea of having a son makes you so happy. Maybe it’s because you saw your mom’s special bond with your brother (which may have made you envious). Or maybe your husband is dreaming about having a son to play baseball with, and you want to help make his dreams come true. Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here

However, perhaps there is something about having a little boy that must be so special. That being said, have you ever wondered if you would be able to conceive a son? You may have been told that girls run in the family, but that doesn’t mean you will never experience raising your own son. Maybe you’ve already got 3 girls, and just desperately want a rough and tumble dash of testosterone in the house. After all, everyone knows sons make for Mama’s boys.

The thing is however, if you really how to find out how to get pregnant with a boy, you will want to start doing your research. The earlier you start, the better chance you will get pregnant fast with that little boy that you have been dreaming about.

The first time to realize is that you must not believe that you have to spend thousands of dollars to find out how to conceive the son of your dreams! That truly is nothing other than pure nonsense. Just know that the information you need is simple enough that anyone who would even dream of charging you that kind of money for it is only trying to scam you out of your hard earned money.


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Are you sure you want to get pregnant?

The first and most important step that you and your partner must take before diving into everything is to make sure you are truly ready to start trying to conceive. Because this journey you are about to embark on is very new!  Not only do you want to conceive a boy, but you want to make sure that your health is great, and that it will happen fairly quickly.

However, just be aware that those couples who have struggled when trying for a baby, whether they have been trying for a boy or a girl, it is likely that they did not follow the first few and but very important steps which are about to be covered below.

However, there are times when fertility issues can arise which throws a wrench into the whole experience. That is very discouraging. If you find yourself trying to conceive for a year without any luck, medical intervention will be needed in order to conceive. Unfortunately, when you are in that kind of situation you will have no other choice but to be less picky about gender. That is unless you have the money to go to a fertility clinic that offers gender selection, as that is an option too.

how to know you're ready to conceive?

However, let’s assume that there are no fertility issues and, working through the following will help increase the odds of a baby boy coming into your life sooner rather than later!

Get a Pre-Conception Checkup

The first thing to do before you even think of diving into the thick of things, you must see your doctor to make sure that you can get a clean bill of health so you can go ahead and make your dreams of conceiving that little boy come true. Therefore, if you are overweight, you will want to lose weight! In fact your doctor may even refer you to a dietitian or nutritionist that will help you get to a healthy weight. If you are underweight, you will want to gain weight and a dietitian or nutritionist can help make that happen.

You will want to check for infections, whether they are sexually transmitted or not. If you end up testing positive for any kind of infection, be sure to get the proper treatment before trying to conceive. Otherwise, plenty of unwelcome and unwanted issues will arise due to having an untreated infection.

Once you are in good health, you can start working on achieving your dream by conceiving that little boy.

Have Lots and Lots of Sex

Of course you have to have lots and lots of sex to get pregnant fast, so you and partner need to get ready to board the roller coaster ride of trying to conceive sex! Woo-hoo!! But… don’t have sex everyday because that will negatively affect the sperm count and quality, and of course that ruins the whole point! Having sex right before ovulation is best and then holding off until ovulation (for a boy) because that allows the sperm count and quality to come back, but be refreshed and ‘new,’ and increases the chance of having that little boy you always wanted to have.

Spice Things Up

You know that the only reason you are having frequent sex is because you want to conceive a baby, and in this case, a boy! Although, if you think too much about why you are having sex, it will become a chore. When that happens, the excitement will die and therefore motivation will die as well. Yes, trying to conceive sex can become drudgery. The best way to make it fun is to become creative while doing the job. Think Fifty Shades of Grey, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, adult novelty toys… Whatever you can do, make it fun. Spice it up!

The Calendar Method

The calendar method is only helpful if you have regular cycles, and before seriously trying to conceive you will need to know your cycle inside and out. For example, if you have a normal 28-day cycle, then ovulation happens on the 14th day. But most women are not ‘normal’ and ovulation days occur all over the map. If your cycles are consistently irregular, then you may wish to use ovulation predictor kits to pinpoint ovulation. This will ensure the most accurate method to track your personal ovulation time and fertile days.

BBT Charts

Fertility charting is great for tracking your cycle, however don’t rely on it when you are actively trying to conceive. Fertility charts are a helpful tool when it comes to you learning about your cycles. If you want to use a BBT chart, try it a month or two before starting, or even earlier. Knowing your basal body temperature will be a great resource in the long run, but it is not for immediate gratification in knowing when you ovulate.

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Ovulation Prediction Kits

If you decide to use an ovulation kit to predict when you are ovulating, just know that will tremendously improve your chances of getting pregnant. Charting or using other methods of predicting ovulation may too confusing for many women, and too much confusion may only lead to frustration and disillusionment. Or worse, it may lead to you conceiving a girl due to getting the timing wrong. Begin taking an OPK around day 10 of your cycle and take one every single day until you get 2 lines indicating an LH surge is on its way. That’s your queue to get busy with your partner!

Rise and Shine, and Have Sex

Believe it or not, the time of day to have sex is important when it comes to increasing the odds of conceiving a particular gender. Since you are set on having a boy, you will want to have sex first thing in the morning. The reason for that, your body temperature is ideal for the sperm that have the Y-chromosome, which are the male sperm to thrive. Your partner will love you forever for waking him up to some good morning sex!

You don’t want to have sex at any other time of day because your body temperature changes, which could make the environment for male sperm in your body more hostile.

Since you really want that boy, rise and shine, brush your teeth, and have sex!  

Since you really want that boy, rise and shine, brush your teeth, and have sex! Then you can get on with your day.

Make Sure You Orgasm

In order to increase the odds of you conceiving a boy, you really need to have an orgasm before your man ejaculates. Yes! The reason is because during the female orgasm, the cervix opens and dilates. Therefore, that increases the flow of sperm when your man climaxes, and the flow of Y-chromosomes into your body is much greater!  When an X and Y chromosome meet, you get a boy.

Have sex on ovulation day!

One thing you  need to understand is that the Y- chromosome sperm doesn’t live as long as the X- chromosome sperm, which is responsible for creating a girl. However, the boy sperm can swim much faster than the girl sperm, and usually gets to the egg first. To conceive a boy, you will want to take advantage of this fact. You will want to use the chromosome Y’s strength as a fast swimmer by making sure it gets to the healthy egg at the right time in the right environment! More about what also creates an ideal environment for the Y-chromosome sperm to thrive will again be discussed later. Just know that timing really is everything and is the most important factor.

intercourse during ovulation helps boost chances of getting pregnant

Since the boy sperm doesn’t live as long especially in the acidic environment, it is best to make sure that it gets to the egg for successful fertilization in time. That is no later than on the day a woman ovulates, or one day late as the latest. That is why it is crucial to know when ovulation happens!

If you have charted your cycles during the previous months, or have used ovulation kits, then you will know. The accuracy of the ovulation prediction has to be 100% accurate! Ovulation prediction kits are better for measuring accuracy when it comes to ovulation than the other methods discussed above.

Keep the Distance Short

The idea behind certain sexual positions to increase the odds of conceiving a baby boy is to make sure the weak boy sperm gets to the egg quickly. That being said, what you want to do is to shorten the distance. Any positions that provide deeper penetration will help make it easier for the sperm to get to the egg to save the boy sperm from the long trip that could kill those swimmers off. Missionary, doggy style – all are great for deep penetration. Go for it!

Think and Eat Alkaline

If you want to conceive a boy, then obviously what you eat will have an impact on helping your dreams come true. You may love your French fries, ketchup, berries, dairy and certain fish, but if you want a boy, you will have to cut those out because those foods will create an acidic environment inside your body. That is an ideal environment if you want to conceive a girl. But that is not what you want, so you will have to create an alkaline environment.

Cut out the French fries, ketchup, berries, dairy for a boy!

That means you must follow a very strict diet, and only eat foods that are alkaline-based. The reasoning behind it is because it changes the pH of your body, and this switch favors the development of a boy.

do alkaline-based foods help get pregnant with a boy?

Foods that are alkaline- based are bananas, pomegranate, tomatoes, avocados, most vegetables, most nuts and grains, and buckwheat pasta. If you can create a diet that consists of these foods, that will help create the best environment for that dream boy you want to conceive.

Bottom Line

Using these natural remedies can certainly help you to get pregnant with a boy. You can now work towards making your dream a reality and you can finally get the results that you have been looking for. If you have your heart set on giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, use these tips for getting pregnant with a boy today. It can’t hurt to try!

Have sex in the morning
Time sex on ovulation day, not before
Eat alkaline-based foods
Deep penetration positions

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Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD
Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD | ConceiveEasy
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